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  1. Hi everyone!Since I reinstalled both WinXP, FS9.1 and PMDG 737NG, I've been experiencing notorious CTDs with both 737-700 and 737-800. It is usually the very beginning of my flight: starting to taxi, taxiing, take off... Either the FS window becomes black while FSInn or SqBox continue sending and receiving voice and then I get an error message, or the nose gear "brakes" and the plane crashes on ground.I'm using ActiveSky 6.5, FSUIPC 3.75 (registered), FS RealTime and XSquawkBox for MSFS. For my online flights i usually use FSCoPilot 1.2 and FSInn 1.6, but I also tried it with SquawkBox 3. It crashes with both online flight utilities.I've just tried an offline flight with the same utilities except FSInn/SqBox, of course. The flight was perfect!So, it seems that FSInn/SqBox cause the CTD. But why both of them? Is there any common thing about them that could cause my CTDs?Can it be the FSUIPC? Previously I used an older FSUIPC version, the 3.73, and it was better, at least there were no permanent crashes.I'm using two sound cards: an onboard Realtek AC888 (for ATC talk) and a Creative Audigy SE (for all other FS sounds) with the most recent drivers. I've obviously been using only one of them during my offline flight, because there's been no ATC. Can the cards or divers incompatibility be the reason for all that?I would appreciate any comment or advice. Thanx in advance!
  2. Oh, thanks for the links! I'll try it.One more question: is there any Airbus model for FS2004 that would be ideal? I mean the addons as they are without any merges or third party modifications. I have tried some A320 variants (PSS, Wilco/FeelThere, Aerosoft) and found out, that there's obviously no Airbus add-on that would function as great as the PMDG Boeing 737NG for example. There's always a couple of bugs like missing lights in the PSS software, MCDU holding troubles in the Wilco model and so on. Just wondering why there are no "ideal" Airbus models while the Boeing family is quite well represented. Too bad for the EADS... ;-)Thanks for the answer once again!
  3. beorn


    >the overall quality of the A32X package shines every time a>new user doesn't realize the plane was designed for FS2002>(and therefore some of the 'little things' in FS9 environment>are not modeled on the aircaft).It's just not written anywhere on the PSS web-site! I fint it really strange to sell a product without having informed anyone, that the support is discontinued, that there won't be any updates or patches, that the lights do not work under FS2004. :-/ I think, since it is a payware add-on, it all smells like cheating the customers.More than that! What do we read in the product details?"A fully detailed aircraft model of the A319, A320 and A321 Airbus airliners for use specifically within Flight Simulator 2002 & Simulator 2004 including# Full night lighting inside and out# Strobes and beacons set to Airbus specifications"But that's simply not true!I wonder, whether I would buy the PSS A320, if I had known about all those lihts and FS2004 issues...But I still think, the PSS is a little bit better than the Wilco/FeelThere Product.Well, it seems that unlike the Boeing family there's simply no ideal Airbus add-on for MSFS. Too bad. :-(
  4. >I have a functioning taxi light as well as landing lights on>the 320. I do however use the iFDG/PSS merge, so thats likely>why.What a merge do you mean? An iFDG livery installed with the PSS A320?
  5. Hi, Todd!>Hi, I have a few questions - And here are a few answers. Hope it helps.>1) After the glideslope is captured, AP 1 and 2 are set, APP>set, etc, and the plane is descending fine, it suddenly>disactivates. Did you do anything when in glideslope? Any yoke movements? Any key-presses? How did you notice that the AP had disactivated? The light in the APP button went off?>2) I'm told that during approach, I'm going to see green>markers indicating when to extend the flaps. This is not so.>I only see the green marker for UP.You were told correctly. And what you have seen is correct too. At start you'll only see a marker for FLAPS 1 (that's the "UP"). After the speed indicator passes the "UP" mrkaer, select FLAPS 1. Then a marker for FLAPS 2 appears on the speed tape (it will look as "1"). When the speed drops below that marker, select FLAPS 2 - the next marker will appear. And so on. The markers just do not appear all at once like in the Airbus planes. The rule is to select the NEXT flap position when the speed passes the indicator that shoews the CURRENT flap position.>3) APU - After both engines are started, I turn off the APU. >I get a whole bunch of RED warnings: Low pressure for fuel,>yaw damper turns off, etc.Check whether the engine generators on the overhead panel are on. Turn them on, monitor the APU GEN lights extinguish and then switch the APU off.Have fun flying!
  6. >Make sure you have throttles set to idle.I've always been pretty sure that thay were. The thrust lever on my joystick was set to the lowest position.>These engage automatically after touchdown,Do they? I've always thought it is necessary to push the brakes button to activate the brakes which then would use the value set with the autobrakes switch.>You guessed it, i stop reverse thrust at around 60kts.OK, now I'm aware of the correct speeds. Thanx!
  7. >The 737 spoilers have quirks...Oh yeah, that's what I noticed.> Then>I hit the F1 key to ensure throttles are closed and then the>F2 key to bring up reverse thrust.Do you use only the F-keys to control the engines or a yoke with a thrust lever too, like Saitek X45. I'm asking this, because Dave has written about this F1-push too. Is the joystick throttle unreliable?> Reverse thrust is used from>touchdown until you've slowed to 60 kts.Aha, 60 kts, not 80, ok.>Braking is as soon as nose gear is downWow, the bird should have a perfect brakes cooling system in this case! :-)>This works everytime and looks to be very close to how SWA>steps through these items.Yeah, I watched the Aiport movie a couple of days ago. Though there's a B707 and the movie itself is pretty old, they already had such a thing like speed brakes armed position. But the pilots deplyed them manually after tuch down. I thought that was just a fiction, a movie which is not very close to the real life. But now that you're telling me apout those standard SWA procedures, I'm starting to belive it is really done quite often.Thank you!
  8. Hi everyone!I have a couple of questions regarding the brakes, both normal and speed brakes.First, the speed brakes do not deploy after touch down, though armed.The a/c touches the runway, the green light "Speedbrakes armed" remains on, the speed brakes lever remains in the "armed" position, nothing happens. I activate the reverse thrust -- nothing happens either.Do I have to deploy them manually? I think it's something abnormal.Second, are there any speed restrictions for the wheel brakes? Or can I apply them immediately after touchdown and activating reverse thrust?And one more thing. What speed should the reverse be applied until under normal conditions? 80 kts?Thanks in advance!
  9. Yeah, I remember this joke. :-) It sutes very well to my problem, indeed. Hope the simple restart did really help.But the idea with the test flight is great, I thought about it myself. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow or at the weekend.Thanks!
  10. I tried to fly the route without SquawkBox engaged. Everything went just fine. After first DIRECT-TO I tried to start SquawkBox without logging in to VATSIM (I would be a bad idea to appear airborne in front of someone approaching to EDDM) and to perform the same operation. Everything went fine as well.So - what's the matter? It seems like SquawkBox but only when connected to VATSIM and processing voice data.Actually I have to say that I restarted my computer inbetween, so the problem can have been resolved by that already. Who knows...What are your ideas?
  11. Dave,I use the FSCopilot and its time sync as well. But it could be the cause of the crashes.BTW, do you use only the secondary CoPilot features or the FSInn too?-- Michael A. Peregudov, UUDD
  12. Well, that could be the reason. I've installed FSInn & FSCopilot recently. FSInn seemed ugly to me, so I switched back to SquawkBox without uninstalling FSCopilot & FSInn though, because I wanted to keep two useful FSCopilot tools - Clock Sync (the standard FS9 clock is just a disaster!) and the handy PushBack interface.I think, I'll try to uninstall those things first and to fly the route once again with SqBx3 turned on again. Hope it won't crash then.But now we've got another question: I'm quite pleased with the MSFS pushback interface (though it is still stupid enough), but the clock never is correctly, evein if matching the correct time at MSFS start.What would you suggest to keep the internal simulator clock tuned?P.S. Sorry, I forgot about the signature!-- Michael A. Peregudov, UUDD
  13. Maybe I'll try this today. You think, it could be the SquawkBox?I'm not sure about the first crash, but the second one occured when I pushed the EXEC button AND someone was talking to the ATC simultaneously, so the SquawkBox was receiving voice data.Well, that'd be too bad, if this would appear to be a MSFS and SB3 conflict... :-/
  14. Hi everyone!Today I've encountered that MSFS tends to crash to desktop when I try to go directly to a fix on the LEGS FMC page after ATC advise. I down-select the desired fix to the scratchpad, then upselect it to Line 1 on the 1st LEGS page, EXEC illuminates, I press the button - and here we are: the screen turn black with the SquakBox only displayed, and then there's a window that suggests to send a bug report to Microsoft.Two attempts to fly from EDDT to EDDM wrer ruined by that crash. Both crashes occurred under similar circumstances.Is there a way to fix it?
  15. Thank you, Mat!Look at the picture below, do you mean these buttons? Do they have to be pushed simultaneously on a real plane? They seem not to be very handy to push when your hand is on the throttles. Or does it only seem so because of the picture prospective?-- Michael A. Peregudovhttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/170073.jpg
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