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  1. Hi Kyle, Thanks for your reply. Im probably confusing myself more than a lot of topics so excuse my ignorance! You say that FSX is DX9 only although it had a DX10 preview mode, That is the problem.....If I have DX10 preview mode checked, then basically FSX is fine. However if I have DX10 preview mode unchecked, so would it be fair to say "then using DX9"?, that is when I have the problems with losing textures. Your aircraft on my system are OK with DX10 preview checked. Not with DX10 unchecked and all other aircraft for that matter. I HAVE to use FSX in DX10 in order for it to work. So if the DX10 fixer is designed to fix issues with DX10 then I dont see how this will help as i don't have an issue with it (other than no progressive taxi and flashing taxiway lines at certain airports). I have done nothing more than load FSX from disk and then various add ons. The only change from default was setting it C:FSX as recommended instead of loading into 64 directory...if that makes sense. As soon as I started using FSX I would lose textures and get ghost planes etc. Once I then checked DX10 preview and restarted, it was fine. Best regards Kevin.
  2. Thanks, Ian. I was aware of Steve's DX10 fixer and I will probably get this at some point anyway, however that is the confusion. I Have to use FSX in DX10. I want FSX to work with DX10 unchecked. This is the problem because it is then, that I lose textures and get ghost planes etc...The reverse of what others seem to be experiencing??. The DirectX redistributables seems to be more promising so I will try this first when I back home. I appreciate your help. Regards Kevin.
  3. Enjoying the 747 however, I have this odd issue with FSX. Since I had a new PC and windows 7 Pro 64bit. It came with DX11. If I use FSX with DX10 checked, all is fine. If I un-check it, then I start having ghost planes and losing textures, especially if I change screens, i.e open up the map page or alt tab into desk top and then back in. It seems to be better than it was but eventually it happens. Trying to research issues with this it seems all the issues are/were the other way round with people losing textures when DX10 is used. I have downloaded DX9 however it doesn't seem to install as I assume the system is seeing that it has a more up to date version??? Apparently DX11 is DX10 and 9 compatible, however this does not seem the case, at least on mine anyhow. It does not matter whether I use an add on i.e PMDG, or fsx own aircraft, I have the same issue. Is it a case of uninstalling DX11 and installing DX9 and then DX11 again, or a simple fsx.cfg fix? I know this is not a PMDG issue , however as I am currently really enjoying the 747 (albeit with DX10 and flashing taxiway lines at some airports) I would like to use it w/out DX10 enabled, or at least have that option. Any useful advice would be much appreciated. Many Thanks and best wishes to all. Kevin Jeffery.
  4. When in event viewer, Go to Windows Logs. Application, allow this to load up. This will have various errors, some red , some yellow. (this is what the Microsoft scammers go to to try to show you the faults). The ones you are looking for are the last entry prior to either a reboot which you had to do because of a blue screen, and or any description of a hang. (i am running windows 7 but I assume the log files will be the same or similar on windows 10? If for example I had 3 lock ups in one day, you can work out the time and event, or hang. Reading this will give you a clue to the program causing the issue as it will be the same error/hang cropping up at the time of the problem. from there I went into program features in the control panel and uninstall a program. Most programs will allow you to run a repair rather than uninstalling it (which I did). This hopefully will enable you to allow windows or the application to repair itself and with a bit of luck you may have solved the problem. What i found strange was the issue of the headphones causing the freeze and was convinced therefore it was the sound card or drivers. uninstalling and re-installing the drivers would allow it to run for a while and then on reboot the same problem would occur. In the end it appeared to be related to something entirely different. Good luck! Kevin Jeffery.
  5. I was having the same problem, however it was happening with any aircraft regardless. It would run from anywhere from 10 - 30 minutes and then just freeze. It would also freeze up on the main windows screen Plugging in headphones or even unplugging them would cause a freeze. I would get random blue screens on start up. I found booting up the PC with only the mouse and keyboard plugged in and then plugging in each device again in turn, different USB hubs if possible, would solve it for a few hours. Then on reboot it would happen all over again. I thought it was a problem with the sound card or realtek drivers. Eventually after some internet research,I went to the event viewer and it reported the hang's. This was narrowed down to Windows live and windows video editor or something like that. I ran a repair of Windows live from the control panel and I can report I have had FSX running for 2 entire weekends without a hitch and no blue screens....yet ! Your problem sounds a lot like mine and you have my TOTAL sympathy! It is the most frustrating thing ever!... Apart from the pubs closing early. Kevin Jeffery.
  6. A380 please ! ... OK maybe not! Kevin Jeffery.
  7. I still revert back to the MD11 from time to time and its still a joy to fly, it's never crashed FSX, has fab frame rates and the sound within the cockpit is soo soothing! :Whistle: :Whistle: One aspect i've never quite understood however, is the thrust reduction in relation to entered temp. With the fab 777 and reasonable load, I can enter flex to temp of 65 and it will "feel" heavy on acceleration, use up 3/4 of the runway or more with a gentle climb out. The MD 11 however with a reasonable load and flex temp of 70 still causes the passengers to choke on their false teeth on take off and then climbs like the space shuttle allowing the passengers to retrieve them from their socks! The max temp allowed is 70 that I can enter into the FMC but the N1 reduction is still above 100%.. I won't ask if its correct because PMDG made, it so its bound to be! :smile:. Is there any way to reduce thrust further using the autothrust for take off ? Many Thanks and kind regards. Kevin Jeffery.
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