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  1. Well yeah I agree with that but at least the numbers from AMD A10 would decide if I should go with i5 4670K depending on my tight budget..
  2. Can anyone with AMD A10 7850K make a benchtest on FSXmark11. Still can't decide if I should go with FX 8350 vs i5 4670/4670k.
  3. hi guys... need help where i can get free terminal procedures for Wilco Airbus series vol. 1... since navigraph is already charging fees on their procedures including wilco releases.. i guess there must be a last airac and terminal procedures cycles for wilco... TIA... cheerzzGenno
  4. great update for FS2crew...Manila was mentioned... but callsign for Philippine Airlines (PAL)was not in the list... i wish there was.. Genno
  5. i already check the FSUIPC but still it doesn't work.. Discon elev is already NOT check..
  6. hi PSS... is there anyone who could make an livery for philippine Airlines A320 and A319... or anyone could post a link where can i find it..just like this pics from Jetphotos.netA320 reg # RP-C3230http://jetphotos.net/viewphoto.php?id=5867539&nseq=7A319 reg # RP-C8600http://jetphotos.net/viewphoto.php?id=5884522&nseq=4thnx PSS for the nice product.. cheerz
  7. hi PSS.. this is my first post on avsim and PSS section.. btw.. i have problems when flying with Airbuses...Takeoff problems.. what value should i set in elevator trim prior to takeoff..?Climb prolems.. why some A320 acts violently during climb..? it sometimes goes up and down.. and it ends up in STALL or sinkrate.. thats the serious problem i've seen as of now... thnx.. cheerz
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