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  1. Hi everyone, I just installed squarkbox, and the ony problem i an having is my username and password are not recognised ? Where to I change this in avsim or find out ? etc ?
  2. Thanks for all your help thus far, inclusive your first quick response to my registering the dll.Ive been making a bit of progress. There was a lot to read through for my initial basic needs, however the pointer to the SDK of FSUIPC and also the example code contained is really well presented.I noticed a new C# .Net 2 update at your forum. So I couldn't help I guess but go with that.Mike.
  3. Hi , I would like to ask if using the fsuipc sdk, dll is the same for MSFS98 as it is for FS2002/2004 ?I wish to get the bank , and pitch (for a start) using the methodresult = fsuipc.FSUIPC_Read(dwOffset, dwSize, ref token, ref dwResult);Just for the moment 98 is the only sim software I have. I would like to try out some experimenting before I invest in either fs2004 or FSX.thanks.MM.Lps. Im wading through the docs and code, havent decided quite yet to dust off the 'old 98' and install.:")
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