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  1. HiThanks for the nhancer suggestion. I had tried changing the globlal vsync setting in the Nvidia Control Panel to "force on" as suggested by Bert in another reply but unfortunately this did not stop the horizontal tearing effect when panning.I have now downloaded and installed nhancer to give this a try. Did you select the Vertical Sync 'on' option in the global settings or use the MS Flight Simulator X Profile in some way ? I am still using the 163.75 driver in the 8800GTX as 169.25 was not as crisp using photoscenery. Which driver were you using when the tearing problem was solved? Any further tips on how you used nhancer would be appreciated.Thanks Peter
  2. Thanks for the additional info that I can try on my system - I hope to get a reply from Bert about what settings he changed in FSX to get the SP2 vsynch default setting from 'off' to 'on'. Did you change your SP2 default vsynch setting as well ?Thanks, Peter
  3. Bert,Thanks for the suggestion, sounds well worth a try, especially if SP1 defaults to vsync=on ? In my Nvidia graphics card control panel the vsynch is set to "as required by application" so I assume the SP2 default would turn it off. Could you just explain which setting/s you changed to over- ride the SP2 default please.Thanks.Peter
  4. Jim,Thanks for the comprehensive the reply. I will use your setup info as a start point and tweak from there. Having tweaked FSX+SP1 to be very stable on my system with crisp and clear textures, running at an average of 30 fps, I'm a bit reluctant to start again, but I suppose this seems to be the name of the game in our flight sim world !?!?!Regards, Peter
  5. Thanks for the reply Jim. I have 2Gb of ram and the 8800GTX card is the 768Mb version. I have no graphics problems when reverting to FSX + SP1. Did your graphic problems start after installing the Acceleration Pack? I'll give your suggestion of turning down the display sliders a try - did you turn down any particular display slider/s or just 'play' with them all? Thanks and regards,Peter
  6. I have just installed the FSX Acceleration Pack and I am now having graphics problems that I do not have running FSX + SP1. The main problem is most notable when panning ( using Track IR or Hatswitch) in the 3D cockpit view. There are horizontal jagged type lines across the centre of the screen both on the cockpit window frames and also on the distant scenery. If I uninstall the Acceleration Pack, I have no graphic problems and all panning views are very stable. I'm using Vista and Nvidia 8800 GTX graphics card. Anyone out there with similar problems or any ideas please ??
  7. Paul - I have now set Affinity for VoxATC UK to use only the second core as you explained and I'm very pleased to report this has all but solved the stutters. I just get the occasional blip now, with most flights completing without any stutters at all. I found that in "Task Manager" VoxATC when enabled, for some reason does not appear in the "Applications" tab, but does under "Process" tab. Above the "Select Affinity" option was another option for setting "Priority" and I noted this was set to 'High'. As you probably know, I have to reset the VoxATC Affinity setting to use core two only every time it is enabled, a small price to pay for enjoyable simming again.Thanks for your help Paul - Peter
  8. Thanks for your reply and suggestions Paul. I see you use XP as your OS. I know other simmers who have similar PC specs to me, but still use XP instead of Vista. They also use VoxATC UK, with no stutters!! If I increase my fps to unlimited, I think there is a slight improvement in VoxATC stutters but they are sill quite noticable. If I set fps limit beyond 30 I start to suffer progressive photo scenery loading problems, so 30fps limit seems to be mysystems 'sweet spot' where every thing else (other than Vox ATC !) runs very smoothly. Perhaps I need to spend some time tweaking all those sliders (AGAIN!) to find another acceptable setup. How FSX and addon programs decide to use my Intel core2 Duo is way beyond me, but I assumed they shared across the two cores ?? or may be just use one and over flow to the other - help!! However, from what you say, I assume that an 'affinity setting' can control which core a program runs on. So Paul, if your suggestion of changing my VoxATC program to use the 2nd core could help/stop the stutters, I'm more than willing to give it a go, assuming it's not beyond my limitations! So, can anyone out there please point me in the 'Affinity' direction, or better still, has successfully played with their own 'Affinity settings'!?! Thanks, Peter
  9. I have a fairly high spec PC with Intel Duo2 core 6600 2.4Ghz, 2Gb ram, Nvidia Ge-force 88oo gtx 768mb graghics using Windows Vista Home premium 32bit. The only two additions so far are Horizons Gen X photo scenery and Track IR. Since the SP1 update, FSX has run very smoothly at 30 fps. My new addon is VoxATC UK DVD version that includes the new voices.When VoxATC UK enabled, normal flying is still very smooth at 30fps, but when I communicate with VoxATC, their voice replies and text changes in the Prompt window causes bad sim stopping stutters. Any ideas or similar problems out there please from other Vista users ?? Peter
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