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  1. I spoke to soon. It turns out that the problem has to do with something in flight simulator that is causing the #2 engine problem because all my aicraft that have 2 or more engines have have that problem except the Vistaliners 727 Super 27. Only because they didn't model the #2 engine thrust reverser. Even the default aircraft have this problem. The last time I played flight suimulator everything worked great. Could the problem be caused by installing the Tinmouse 737-200? Because that is when I noticed the #2 engine reverse thrust problem.
  2. It ended up being the file that was the problem. I downloaded the 737-200 and the update from flightsim.com, works great.
  3. I noticed that when I deploy the thrust reversers the #1 deploys and stays deployed but the #2 won't stay deployed. Is it something I am missing or is it a bug? I downloaded a patched verson of the 737-200 from simviation. Thanks.
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