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  1. Question: Have FSLabs stated there will be a free update for P3D 64 bit? I believe PMDG indicated this would be the case for the 777 - this would seem to me to be reasonable justification for the price differential over the FSX version. Simon.
  2. FYI for any others seeing this problem, deleting the A2A views from the Commanche aircraft.cfg file corrects this issue. I'm not sure if that breaks the A2A walkaround feature - I will look at that and report. Simon.
  3. Hi All, I've been playing with two A2A aircraft, the Texan works fine with ChasePlane but the Commanche outside view has an issue. In short the movement axis are not in the usual direction (parallel and perpendicular to the plane horizontally) e.g. the forward button moves forward and right. I notice that when I use ChasePlane to switch to the outside view it goes to an A2A view not the ChasePlane view in the P3D aircraft view menu. I'm guessing this is the issue? Does anyone know how to correct? Many thanks, Simon.
  4. Todd, Is it possible to integrate a 530 and a 430 or even better 2 x 530s into the A2A Cessna 172? That is a great feature of the RealAir Dukes. Also, with 1 or 2 GNS units does the 172 lose other instruments e.g. the ADF or radios? Many thanks, Simon.
  5. Hi Rob, Question - could there be / is there a discount for Turbine Duke owners as was very reasonably provided for the B60 owners when the Turbine was released? Would love to pick up this variant as I buy as many of the Realair planes as I can because of the quality and cutomer service - very happy to support the great work Realair does. That said, I can't justify to myself the full 30 Euros as the model is so close to the Turbine and inevitably I'll end up splitting flight time. Just a thought, I understand if you see things differently. Thanks, Simon.
  6. Thanks Jim,I've successfully recovered the original FSX spotlight.bmp file via the method you suggested. I had thought of trying to do this but was hesitant to repair to pre-SP1 configration for fear of unintended consequences as I was patched to SP2. I guess it was not a surprise then that after repair FSX would not run - continued restart messages. However, I patched to SP1 and then repaired Acceleration (i.e. SP2) and everything now seems to be back to normal.Now I have both the original FSX lights and the High Intensity XG ones available. My preference is the FSX lights as these seem slighty brighter but the difference is small and both lights are a lot dimmer than say the default Cessna Grand Caravan for example. However, I'll go with this as I think Rob indicated he had taken a lot of trouble to make sure the intensity is real world.I've now also adjusted my monitor settings a little which has definately improved things as well.The whole world of night flying the SF260 is now open to me!Huge thanks to both you and Rob at Realair for wonderful support and your patience in helping me sort this out. All this over the holiday period as well - which confirms to me the quality of the HiFi and Realair operations.Happy Holidays!
  7. Hi Jim, thanks.OK, I've been back and rechecked everything again with the Realair SF260 - with the same result.The High Intensity light set does improve things i.e. I can actually see some landing light illumination but unfortunately it is so feint that it might as well not be there. I have to turn the landing lights on and off to be sure they are there.... I certainly can't see a difference between Gold, White and Xeon High Intensity.All the other Landing Light options in Lights n Sound (including X Graphics default) are just invisible.By contrast if I switch to a FSX default Cessna with any of the above, the world is lit up far more brightly as it should be.I therefore attempted to restore the pre-XG textures using the XG utility as suggested but this does not help as it seems it is reloading one of the XG texture files - the FSX original must have got overwritten at some stage. :-(The only way around this that I can see is to reinstall the FSX default "spotlight.bmp" texture file. Unfortunately I can't do this as I seem to have overwritten it... Anyone any idea how I can recover this? The FSX install disks are all compressed and I really don't want to have to reinstall FSX to replace one 40kb file.
  8. Hi Jim,Unfortunately both the High Intensity light set and restoring the default FSX lights do not appear to work for me and I think the person who posted first above. The best I can get is about 1 candle power using the High Intensity lights.Maybe I am doing something wrong - could you post or repost instructions for both just to be sure I'm not missing something. Also, maybe my default FSX lights have been overwritten sometime - could someone post the original file (I think it is just a small bmp file - correct?) or confirm where I can find it on the install discs?Thank you.
  9. Hi,I have the same problem and have tried the same suggestions as above without real success. However, I do find that using the High Intensity lights with the Realair SF260 that the landing lights are there - they are just very weak - so much so that you have to flash the lights on and off and view from outside the aircraft (on a dark night :-) ) to see the illumination on the ground....I have contacted Rob at Realair about this (who like HiFi provides great support) and I hope he does not mind me repeating his response here : "Please contact X graphics. I believe they have a version that fixes this problem. Our lights work absolutely fine with a standard copy of FSX." I think Rob is referring to the High Intensity fix - which for me unfortunately is not really a solution.Any help much appreciated. Maybe Rob can also chime in on this forum as it seems HiFi and Realair may have to get together on this one.Thanks!
  10. Just for the record, I'm another one that was eagerly waiting to buy this but the pricing is just too high. It isn't that I don't have the money or inclination (as I have a bunch of other FSX add-ons plus PMDG's reputation is 1st class). But 60 Euro discounted!!!! I'll stick with my excellent Level D 767 for 39 Euro.
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