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  2. This topic has been moved by the moderator of this forum. It can be found at:http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...9&topic_id=3962
  3. Anyone having trouble with download speeds here at Avsim?Just been the last couple of weeks.Need to know if is just on my end so I can have my provider look into it.Thanks, Kloyce
  4. Thanks for the very fast response!!!And it worked just as you said.I think I tried everything but that.Thanks you very much, have a great day, Kloyce
  5. I get this message, Must have FSX SDK SP1a or SDK SP2 installed before you can install MSFSX Acceleration SDK.When I try to install SP1a from the Acceleration disk it won
  6. It might not be as real as it gets, but that is what I was looking for.Flaps work great now, Thank you!!
  7. How are the flaps supposed to work on the Acceleration F18?Are they supposed to extend all the way when I call for full flaps?The reason I
  8. Thanks for the quick response, guess I'll have to slow down a little HUH! :-)
  9. Hi,My question is:While I am flying at 350 knots or less everything works great, as soon as my speed increases my ground textures loose there sharpness, everything else still works great, when I slow down again it all comes back into focus, Tried to send pictures but couldn't make them small enough.Any suggestions welcome, Thanks.KloyceAMD 64 Athlon X2 2 gigs of ram and Nvidia 8600, Windows XP Pro
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