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  1. Hi GunnerMany thanks for your help. Will try this.TokTiny
  2. Hi there,I am a newbee at creating missions and would be most thankful for a little help on an area which I am not familiar with.I very much enjoy creating a flight from one airport to another and useing VOR's, NDB's and waypoints which I determine, and also giving directions from a cold start. Now before I changed to Microsoft XP Pro and FSX I was able to create this with the ABL program which Microsoft provided but unfortunatly this no longer works in XP.Now I have downloaded and read what tutors are available for creating missions and one thing which I have not been able to get to grips with is this. When in flight and you are approaching a VOR, NDB or Waypoint that is on your FP and you want to create a trigger within say five miles of this point in order to give a verbal warning of a change of course coming up. When I used ABL to select this point I would just place the aircraft in the location that I wanted this warning, get the Lat and Lon and then put this into the Flight Program. The way it was put was that when the aircraft had a Lat or Lon location greater ( or less pending ) than the location selected as a trigger then the warning would be given.Is it possable to program a simular trigger for a mission ?Many thanks in advance.TokTiny
  3. Hi LuisMy sincere thanks for the trouble you went to in order to explain to a dum dum all about masking textures. Really there is nothing you have left out so I look forward to many nights experimenting with all the various options. As they say you have provided the snow it is up to me to make the snowballs !!Again thanks and kind regards.TokTiny
  4. Hi LuisMany thanks for your very thorough explanation regarding airport backround and the difference between normal textures and LC masking textures I thaught they all came under the same heading !I selected LPPT airport as an example of a sandy backround and through a serious of elimination I have found the culprit texture in scenery-texture, as you directed me, whch was 142B2SU3.bmp. I then replaced this texture with an option of several others in turn just to see any difference between them and they were : 139B2SU1.bmp and 140B2SU1.bmp from FSX and 139B2SU1.bmp, 140B2SU1.bmp, and 142B2SU1.bmp from FS9 and they all gave various shades of GREEN which was great so one can take your pick on which you prefer.I tried several airports with this change in texture and they provide the same change. However there were some that I tried and they still held the old sand look. No harm I thaught it only means finding which backround texture is being used by this airport and making a simular change. After trying every one of 139,140,142 textures I could not find this culprit ( I found that if you remove the appropriate texture that a particuler airport is useing as a backround mask texture then the LC that is being used around the airport will appear instead in its place ).The question I want to ask is , can you find out what backround texture is being used by a default airport in any faster method than I used above ? and when the texture is not in the scenery-texture folder when you search for it elsewhere what do you use for a indicater in your search other than .bmp which gives you a mountain of textures that it is nearly impossable to select from. You would really want to know where else apart from the scenery-texture folder that the default airports keep there backround textures.Many thanks for pointing me in the right direction and I feel that I am over half way there, thanks to your help, to sort out this little project, as you call it, of mine.Kind regardsTokTiny
  5. Hi there,Many thanks for your replies. I will answer Luis reply first.Luis I am afraid that when you say that the grass changes at ALL delault airports in line with the season I do not find this so. If you take as an example Lispon in Portugal it does not matter what season you select the "grass" in the airport backround still remains more like sand. The same applies for I would say a large percentage of default airports in certain regions. Your second suggestion of changing all of the "Fall Grass Ground Textures" to Green, could you give some directions on this. I went to the "Grass" textures in the texture folder and found four : 1.Grass 2. GrassS 3.GrassW 4.GrassF ( which I took it to be the one for the Fall which you outlined as the one which was used in some Airports). I did as you said and tried each one of these as the only option by changing them to the one choice but this did not change the airport grass in any way. I can only assume that the default airport backround textures are not taken from this source. Could you tell me where are they coming from?Rhett your suggestion that they are dictated by Surrounding LC if you check the Airport I mention above you will find that the Surrounding LC is a mix of types of grass, type of city and other LC but I am afraid there is no LC in the proximity of the airport that resemples what you get for all seasons "Sand".I apologise for my mistake in telling you that I use FSPlanner to change the Airport Backround , what I should have said that it is SBuilderX that I use for this but as I said am getting tired of changing airport after airport and would like to have "Good Green Grass" on all my airports.Someone (and I can not find a name), suggested the program "Picnic" which I have tried but I am afraid it does not change the Airpoort Backrounds on the default airports. A very good program which give you lots of options and good quality but did you find it a bit severe on frame rates ?My sincere thanks for your replies.TokTiny
  6. Hi there,Wondered if it is possable to get rid of this "sand" backround on an awful lot of airports and have a common "grass" backround for all airports ?I use FXPlanner to change from "sand" to "grass" backround at any one specific airport but there is an awful lot of airports to change. I know that everyone may not agree but I like to see grass on any airport that I land at.I wondered if Airports have a default texture that they use for backrounds and if so would it be possable to use the old trick and change a copy of the grass texture to this name ?Help appreciatedTokTiny
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