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  1. I do not know what others think about it, but I would love to see a replay mode in the upcoming MSFS, where you can watch certain parts of your flight (departure and landing etc.). It maybe not the most important feature, but certainly something interesting. At the moment I am simming in xplane and I absolutely love the opportunity to have this feature available. What about you guys? After watching several streamers here and there and everybody was always replaying his landing etc.
  2. One quick question on the EFB. The take off performance said only TO and Flaps 10 for take off is possible. Is this just because of the settings the FMC provide? Or are these performance restrictions by the aircraft? Is the EFB capable of evaluating optimum thrust and flap configs for take offs? The baby looks great and thanks in advance for a response :) Greetings Michael
  3. Okay thanks for your help =)! Problem is solved now-Mike-
  4. Okay you said that you disabled wheater updating. Where shall I do this, perhabs per FSinn Control Panel or can you explain it?-Mike-
  5. Okay I thank you for the response. I will try it next time-Mike-
  6. Hi I was flying on the vatsim server and was using their wheater! The problem was, after departing and climbing up I noticed that my PMDG 747X shows me that the temperature outside is rising constantly At FL320 my aircraft is unable to climb because it shows a temperature about 55-60degrees + and the engines are running at full thrust! I am using FSUIPC for FSX. Is it a problem with the vatsim wheater and can someone tell me to handle this.-Mike-
  7. Bob try to switch the STBY Power selector before engine start from AUTO to OFF then to AUTO to BAT and finally back to AUTO! One off the PMDG crewmembers told us to do so and your IRS R/C/L should disappear-Mike-
  8. Hello PMDG your 400x is really a queen and a dream!But I have mentioned a Problem! I want to simulate a cold and dark cockpit situation. Therefore I loaded the 400x cold and dark panel state. Everything is fine but I noticed that the Engines are still runing like before. So I switched them off!After setting up the OVHD Panel with your operating manual I started the engines. Now the EICAS display shows that N1 and so on is increasing but there was no sound of starting Engines. Immediately I switched outside ahead of the wing and there was NO engine running altough the EICAS reveals that they should run! Please help me I tried everything but it won't workI don't know how to make screenshots in FSX but if someone tell me I post a few pics about that problem-Mike-
  9. okay sorry for that! But I have another question and i don't want to create a new Topic! In a free flight I want to simulate a cold and dark situation but as I chose the cold and dark setup the engines are still runing on idle! Consequently I turned them of myself. After setting up the OVHDP I restart the engines, the display shows me that N1 is rising but there was no sound and as I switched outsided no engines are runing besides the display reveals that they should run! Is there anyone who as an explanation for this phenomenom-Mike-
  10. After I startet the 400X for the first time I had dark screens in my Cockpit! After restarting FSX it works fine! But here is the main Problem! After I restarted FSX the gauges worked but then when I closed a flight an started another the gauges remained dark! Shall I always restart FSX after another flight? And additionally my aircrafts didn't carry any winglets after that
  11. Hi I recently purchased the 747-400X and i want to know whether it is possible to use one licence on two Computers?( My dad wants to fly her too)-Mike-
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