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  1. Just to add the 330 burns about 5.5 t/hr so it should be able to do comfortably 10 to 12 hrs endurance with a good load of pax and cargo. I know Finnair runs it on Hel-Hkg so it a very capable plane.
  2. I like it but I have one small issue. I had the DD scenery before. I deleted the file but I still have the jetways from the DD scenery. Anyone have an idea where else to look in? thx will
  3. I have the same problem. Only mine occurs with any aircraft I fly. I keep hearing that the Airac uses current data and the files in the magdec are static or old data. I hear you have to update your scenery but i have a ton of scenery and 95% dont have any updates. I never had this problem before either. It started with the last two Airac versions 710 and 711. i dont know what else to do or how to fix it. Any ideas, anyoneWill
  4. Thanks to all of you who replied. I have fixed the issue thanks to your help. I installed a new magdec.bgl file from avsim and everything appears normal. Once again thanks,Will
  5. Thanks for the reply, for all of them. For the magdec.bgl file do i just run disk 3?thanks again,Will
  6. Hi there,This is my first post. I have been flying FS9 for years and have never encountered this issue. When i am lined up with the runway i set my heading indicator to match the magnetic hdg of the rwy. The only problem is its 20 degrees off. So for example at SEA i will line up on 34r and the rwy will be 20 to the left on the fms. This is with any plane I use, PMDG, Wilco, LDS ect. Whe I am flying i am aslo 20 degrees off of the airway. I dont know what happened to cause this. I have downloaded the latest ariac(711) but nothing seems to work. Any feedback would be great.thanks,will
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