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  1. Wait...wait...there's a manual for this thing?

  2. Why oh why oh why oh why do pedantic ###### gimps constantly bleat on about 'read the manual' ad nauseum?

  3. Ok reading all this it looks like I should bite the bullet and get the full FSUIPC......
  4. Good idea, I'm going to do that next time. Now just got to get reverse thrust working...
  5. It is very annoying to have the last little bit of a perfect flight ruined by this.
  6. Linda is probably in the wrong place. I just ran it from my desktop and the folders were not in the right place. Where should the main Linda folder be installed?
  7. I had Autobrakes 2 set last night and came in at about 132kts (I was very light). I did as instructed in the tutorial and hit the manual brakes at just under 80kts. The brakes totally failed on landing and they then seemed stuck on. I then engaged and disengaged the parking brake, that released the stuck brakes. Then I had no brakes at all. This is bothering me and can't be at all realistic. Please don't ask me what my brake temperature was as I have no clue. I just want to turn the brake failures off while I'm learning to fly the damn thing.
  8. Can I have some help please? I have downloaded the two NGX folders (I use the MCP Combo) and put them where it says to in the OP. There is no other LINDA stuff in that Modules folder (I do have Linda installed). I have run Linda and no reference to the NGX. Should I have actually installed Linda in a different place? PS I have never used LInda before. EDIT; have figured this out. Have moved the NGX files to the Linda folder on my desktop. I still have a question though - should LINDA have installed itself into the modules folder?
  9. Is anyone here using Microsoft Flight Sim X under boot camp on, specifically, a recent Mac Pro?If so would you please be kind enough to share your recommendations, experiences, add-ons, flight sim equipment and your system specs? I am looking at the GEFORCE 8800 GT as the graphics option as this seems the most appropriate.I am seriously thinking of a mac pro rather than a high-end iMac as a longer term (and upgradeable) work/play option.Many thanks.
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