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  1. Thanks for the response, John. I've tried everything I can think of and all the tips from other simmers, even re-installed Windows 10 thinking it may have been somehow corrupted...but all to no avail. Fortunately this doesn't effect the operation of FS9 sim aircraft. I just can not add or change the F10 checklists or remarks. I'll have to live with it and maybe somewhere down the line I will discover what is causing FS9 to lock itself up. In the meantime...thanks for the tip. JonB 😉
  2. All of a sudden, I find that everything in my FS 2004 is locked in "Read-Only" mode. I go through the steps to "uncheck" and apply, but when I click on OK...it jumps back into read-only. I can't seem to get it to turn the read-only mode off!!! Has anybody encountered this situation and solved it? This is really frustrating to say the least!! Could there be something outside FS9 controlling it??? JonB 😟
  3. Need some tech help. Had to do an image restore because my Win 10 became corrupt. Everything seemed to work well before but now I have 2 problems I can’t figure out: one with your GNS 430/530 program and one with your VR ForeFlight add-on. You fixed my HyperGauge problem a while back and it hasn’t returned, but it’s odd that everything else worked normally then but now they don’t. 1. The GNS 530 doesn’t work when I attempt a GPS approach, e.g. doesn’t shift to VLOC upon passing the IF point and the glidescope does not move. Localizer indicator functions normally, though. The ILS approach functions normally, though..both the localizer and glidescope indicators work OK. 2. Can’t get a VR image over to my iPad Foreflight. It worked before the image restore but now…ForeFlight can’t see the VR “device”. Both the computer and iPad are using the same wifi source. Wondering if Win 10 is causing these or perhaps something in FSX is the culprit. I can’t tell. PS. FSUPIC is installed. Is it required? Could I ask you folks to take a remote look-see ? JonB <removed email, don't post emails in public forums>
  4. Thanks David. I just read through the "Static Aircraft Tutorial" which Jim recommended (fs9stat.zip) and found it extremely helpful. One of the best-written tutorials I have come across. Easy to follow for a new guy because everything makes sense. I plan to follow his steps and see if that cures my problem.If not I'll be sure to come to you for advice. It won't be the first time you have helped me to understand how something works. Thanks for the offer!Jon B ;-)
  5. Thanks Jim, I give it a shot. Perhaps the solution to my problem lies within. Worth a try!! I appreciate your help....much obliged!!!Jon B ;-)
  6. Thanks for the response Jim. Yes, I'm writing specific flightplans for them and then compiling them with the Traffic Tools program. Haven't used them as substitutes for default acft yet, but had planned to replace some jetliners with propliners later on. The ones I'm working with are primarily prop planes from the WWII period. The add-on T-6 trainer worked perfectly as a primary and as an AI (except that it refused to do T&Gs and just took off into the sunset). That's one success. I can select an add-on B-17 and fly it, but when I try to use it as an AI, it just wouldn't show on the ramp. Another B-17 and a B-26 which were downloaded from Avsim as AI files wouldn't show either. I can't see where anything is missing from their aircraft .cfg file...everything looks the same to me as those acft which function normally as AI. However, I notice that they don't show up in the list of selectable aircraft. Are strictly AI aircraft supposed to appear under Aircraft Selection? Since you can't fly 'em and they're just AI acft, it doesn't make sense to me that they would. I finally understand the GMT 'thing' now, and on the airport ramp I'm using, there are a great variety of parking spot sizes available some with huge dimentions, much more than a B-17 would need. I've been through many of the threads about flight plans in this learning process but missed the message which you refer to about setting the time to zero. I did see a couple of mentions that leaving the time at zero would turn them into static displays though, and that's why I used the zero time. What should the time be set to, instead, for static display? I appreciate your response Jim. I'm somewhat new to the FS and in the middle of a couple of learning curves so any help you can offer to get me through this problem would be greatly appreciated! Jon B PS: ( A couple of hours later) Oops...I just took another shot at including the AI download B-17 and the AI download B-26. I made sure both had Mil_Combat specified under parking types. Don't know if that had anything to do with it, but the B-17 showed up on the Hamilton Field ramp as it was supposed to. The B-26 is still missing. So...it's a puzzlement. Gotta be something I'm missing or something I'm doing wrong! It could just be something with that particular ramp configuration so I'll try doing the same acft at another airport. I've been a Train Sim nut for several years. It's a complicated program, but this FS is confusing to me!Jon
  7. I'm having a frustrating problem setting up traffic because some of my aircraft (default and add-ons alike) will fly normally as the prime aircraft, but refuse to show when I use them as AI traffic. I have more than adequate ramp parking slots available but they just don't show up on the ramp even when I set the flightplan hours to zero so they would be static. Not all, mind you, but quite a few do this, even one I have downloaded as specific AI files. Puzzeling! Is there a code missing somewhere or someting that tells an aircraft not to operate as AI, but to function normally otherwise? Any slider setting or something like that I can check? It's really limiting the number of aircraft I can use for AI traffic or just filling out a ramp without moving. Anybody experience this?Jon B :-hmmm
  8. Another new-guy question. Am pretty new to FS9 and would like to learn to work with AI traffic. What manuals, tutorials, and the like do I need to get/study in order to do this? Jon
  9. Thanks gents, I haven't advanced to AFCAD yet, but I'll keep your advice in mind when I do. Should be soon as I would like to get this little annoyance corrected!! Jon :-wave
  10. When I create a flight at a certain airport in FS9, the aircraft is automaticaly placed in line with the runway, but about 1,000' off to one side, in the mud. I have to taxi back or slew the plane over to the runway to make my takeoff. Is there a way to reset the start position for this particular airport? It only happens at this field, none of the others. Jon
  11. Hi Victor...yes there was a Readme, but all it said was download and expand and all will be done automatically. Not much help. Oops!!!! I just tried a delete and reinstall, and all came up as it should. Guess I spoke in haste. It just didn't install properly...that was the cause. I'm glad because the details are exquisite, it handles rather well, and I know I'll never get to fly one any other way! Thanks for the response. Jon :-wave
  12. I just downloaded AlphaSim's T-6. All seems to be normal as far as installing goes, except for one annoying glitch: the instrument panel has empty holes in it...no gauges. I'm still pretty new at this, so perhaps I didn't get everything right afterall. Question: Where are the gauges supposed to go? I copied the cabinet file to the acft's panel folder, but no gauges. Also copied all the bitmap files from the cabinet file to the three panel folders, but still no gauges. Is that where they are supposed to go? What am I doing wrong? If you have AlphaSim's T-6 and all the gauges are there, I'd appreciate it if you would tell me how you did it, as I must be missing someting!! :-zhelp Jon
  13. Thanks David, I'll do that when we get back home later this evening. BTW I'm located in Baltimore so we're a couple of hours difference I think. ThanksJon
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