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  1. Need some tech help. Had to do an image restore because my Win 10 became corrupt. Everything seemed to work well before but now I have 2 problems I can’t figure out: one with your GNS 430/530 program and one with your VR ForeFlight add-on. You fixed my HyperGauge problem a while back and it hasn’t returned, but it’s odd that everything else worked normally then but now they don’t. 1. The GNS 530 doesn’t work when I attempt a GPS approach, e.g. doesn’t shift to VLOC upon passing the IF point and the glidescope does not move. Localizer indicator functions normally, though. The ILS approach functions normally, though..both the localizer and glidescope indicators work OK. 2. Can’t get a VR image over to my iPad Foreflight. It worked before the image restore but now…ForeFlight can’t see the VR “device”. Both the computer and iPad are using the same wifi source. Wondering if Win 10 is causing these or perhaps something in FSX is the culprit. I can’t tell. PS. FSUPIC is installed. Is it required? Could I ask you folks to take a remote look-see ? JonB <removed email, don't post emails in public forums>
  2. Another new-guy question. Am pretty new to FS9 and would like to learn to work with AI traffic. What manuals, tutorials, and the like do I need to get/study in order to do this? Jon
  3. Thanks gents, I haven't advanced to AFCAD yet, but I'll keep your advice in mind when I do. Should be soon as I would like to get this little annoyance corrected!! Jon :-wave
  4. When I create a flight at a certain airport in FS9, the aircraft is automaticaly placed in line with the runway, but about 1,000' off to one side, in the mud. I have to taxi back or slew the plane over to the runway to make my takeoff. Is there a way to reset the start position for this particular airport? It only happens at this field, none of the others. Jon
  5. Hi Victor...yes there was a Readme, but all it said was download and expand and all will be done automatically. Not much help. Oops!!!! I just tried a delete and reinstall, and all came up as it should. Guess I spoke in haste. It just didn't install properly...that was the cause. I'm glad because the details are exquisite, it handles rather well, and I know I'll never get to fly one any other way! Thanks for the response. Jon :-wave
  6. I just downloaded AlphaSim's T-6. All seems to be normal as far as installing goes, except for one annoying glitch: the instrument panel has empty holes in it...no gauges. I'm still pretty new at this, so perhaps I didn't get everything right afterall. Question: Where are the gauges supposed to go? I copied the cabinet file to the acft's panel folder, but no gauges. Also copied all the bitmap files from the cabinet file to the three panel folders, but still no gauges. Is that where they are supposed to go? What am I doing wrong? If you have AlphaSim's T-6 and all the gauges are there, I'd appreciate it if you would tell me how you did it, as I must be missing someting!! :-zhelp Jon
  7. Thanks David, I'll do that when we get back home later this evening. BTW I'm located in Baltimore so we're a couple of hours difference I think. ThanksJon
  8. Thanks for the response David.I follow you through the part of saving to a new name. Made up a 'Test' scenery file with one tree added to my home airport. I.S. saved it to the Addon senery/ scenery subfolder as you said it would.Do you move it out of this folder somewhere, or do these kind of senery files remain in the Addon Scenery/scenery folder?Next, I opened FS, went to Settingsscenery. Can't see the file listed anwhere in the scenery library. Addon Scenery is there of course,and checked. So how do I 'activate' my 'test' bgl file? Regret having to ask such elementary questions, but the I.S. instructions arn't clear about this and I haven't stunbled upon the answer on my own yet. Must be missing something or perhaps making it more complicated in my mind than it is in reality.How does FS relate addon scenery bgl files to the basic (default) airport so the added trees, bldgs, etc show up when you select the airport? You mentioned that you create lots of scenery addon files for your airports for simplicity and ease of handling when you want/need to make changes. Sounds sensible. I think I should consider doing the same thing as I would like to add details to my local airports. Would you mind telling me how you have your FS files organized. Would be interested to know. Thanks again for the support and help. I'm learnig, but it's kinda slow on my part. JonB
  9. What does this error message mean? "The FolderC;Program.....(FS2004)AddonSceneryscenery is not an active folder. With the current setting, Flight Simulator does not use scenery files from this folder. Are you sure to open a scenery file from this folder? "Just what is an 'active' folder, and what does current folder mean?Am trying to learn how to put scenery items onto an airport using Instant Scenery and when I try to Select an airport BGL file from the addonSceneryscenery folder, I get this 'no-can-do' mesage. Does it have anything to do with the fact that when I open FS and start a new flight, none of trees or bldgs I put on the airport with IS, show up? I'm really getting frustrated about now!! JonB
  10. Thanks Reggie: Sounds like it's way over my head right now : I'm just starting out learning how to do things in 2004. Believe I'd better stick to whatever add-ons are available. But...I can't even figure out how to place a tree on my home airport and have it appear when I open FS and select the airport. I can place the tree using Instant Scenery/Add Object, but I don't get the procedure to save it. Should be simple, but I don't get it...must be missing a simple step or something. Really frustrating.!!! :-(I find the tutorials short on step-by-step details. Still a lot of questions for this newbie to find answers to. Thanks for your advice. JonB
  11. Hi Rob: Thanks for the response. With Instant Scenery in FS9 under options, I unfortunately don't have an 'all available libraries' choice. The only choices are Default local library, Default global, Add-on local, Add-on global and one other, "libraries not in this area" which I can't make use of because they are airport & city specific. Any other place I can look?
  12. There are a couple of hangar buildings at my default airport that I would like to use in adding scenery to another airport. They are a perfect match for the other airport. Can't see them listed or in thumbnail form when I use Instant Scenery and check off the Default and Add-On boxes to view objects. I open IS in the airport with the hangars in question, but can't see any of them. QUESTION: where are these "came with the program" structure/objects hiding? Can I get to them and add them to another airport? If so, how do I do that? Is it even possible, or am I limited to using add-on objects to flesh out the airport structures?? JonBAnother :-newbie
  13. Thanks for the response David, I appreciate the advice. Cleared up the confusion at this end a bit. I managed to get past the roadblock to add and then delete a few objects. But I'm sure I'll have more questions as I go along, as there are lots of little things that tutorials and instructions don't mention. And that's where I stumble!! Thanks again!Jon
  14. I'm a newbie learning how to work with scenery in FS2004. Am used to adding and deleting scenery objects in MS Train Sim, but the Flight Sim is quite different. I'm trying to add something to my home base airport as it came with the basic MSFS using the Instant Scenery addon program. But,I must be doing something wrong, or have missed a step or just don't understand how to work wth IS. Here's where I get stuck in the process of adding an object:I can pick out an object that I want to add to an airport,(tree or bldg from the RWY 12 collection of objects downlowded and installed succesfully a couple of days ago) and move it to where I want it to be. Then I click on "Add Object" and it asks me if I want to add this object to such and such a scenery library. Here's where I run into a wall. I thought it would ask me if I would like to add the object to the airport I'm working on. Nope! So I turn back to the IS tutorial which says since I'm adding for the first time I have to enter the name of a scenery file I want to add the object to. I have no idea what that should be. Guess I don't understand the concept of scenery libraries and active files for a start. If I go ahead and click 'yes' anyway on the scenery library name that shows up in the window, I end up with a 'no can do' message and something else about IS can only add or delete objects from sceneries which have been created by IS. Well, Now I'm really confused. What does that mean? I'm definately missing something in this process! I've now got a tree just sitting there blinking at me and no clue of where to turn! I can't even get rid of the tree!! Frustration is running rampant about now!Can anyone shed some light on this mess and perhaps guide me through the proper steps from the "click on Add Object button"? I could definately use one of those "EASY" buttons from Staples right now!JonB :-hmmm
  15. Thanks for the responses gents. What I was looking to do is add a few static (parked) acft around the ramp for pure viewing pleasure. A couple of AI acft moving around, yes, but parked acft here and there too. Aircraft which are just empty shells using a min. of memory; designed to be placed into a scene like any other bldg. or tree object. Maybe I'll just have to use AI acft and have 'em sit there. I don't want all of them moving around. JonB
  16. Thanks for the response. Glad to hear that it's possible. I'll have to try it when I get more familiar and comfortable with FS. I'm still very new and just feeling my way around. How did you set the AI acft up? If you set this up for a flight in uncontrolled airspace can you avoid interference from ATC? How close can you actually get? I wasn't figuring on duplicating the Blue Angels super-tight formation style, but off the wing and within reasonably close proximity would do. Say 2-3 acft separation distance. Possible? Were the Connies in Vic, echelon or in-trail? How did you do that? I'd love to see five of them in an AI formation flyby. Wonder if it is possible? Does it make any difference if you are using a slow Stearman or F-15? Jon B
  17. Where can I find stationary aircraft to park on ramps? What kind of acft are required for static parking and where can I find them? What do I do with them when I find 'em? Add them to a library like a building or vehicle object? And add them to the scenery with EZ Scenery or Instant Scenery like any other static object? Do they eat up memory and slow the FPS rate? Sorry to be asking such basic questions, but I just haven't hit the right spot in my search to get the answers on my own. Would appreciate some help! Is there a tutorial somewhere which explains how to do this? Jon B
  18. Just wondering if it is possible to fly in tight formation with an AI acft? I'm too new to FS to know whether this is even feasible, but it would be an interesting and challenging thing to do. So I'm asking. What I'm envisioning is a cross-country training flight with two military trainers like Stearmans, AT-6s or T-34s, where the lead is an AI which taxis out, takes off, climbs to a specified altitude, flys from fixed point to point, makes a straight-in letdown and landing and taxis to a parking spot. Your job is to fly as his No.2...all the way, and keep it tight. Tough enough to do in real life, but is it possible to do this in FS? Has anyone tried it? :-hmmm Jon B Can you even control an AI aircraft's airspeed? I know you really can't do it with AI trains in the Train Sim. They run effortlessly upgrade with no sweat and seem to have a mind of their own. What controls AI airspeed in FS?
  19. Thanks for the response gents, at least they give me a starting point. Hope the learning curve isn't too tough here. In the train sim forum they started some 'how to' partitions and it proved to be a great help to newbies. But for the FS it seems that everything is 'ala carte! You have to dig it out for yourself. I'll give your suggestions a try. Thanks again! :-wave Jon B
  20. Gentlemen: I'm a newbie to FS (FS2004 in particular). I have a lot of experience with MS's Train Sim, but I find FS quite different when it comes to adding/changing scenery, changing airport layouts and otherwise 'messing' with it. I guess 'customizing' would be the proper term. Anyway, I was hoping to find a section in the Forum or someplace decicated to newbies which would tell me/us how to do things or where to go to learn how to do the simple and basic tasks that are second nature to you who are experienced with the program. Maybe I haven't looked in the right places yet, but I haven't found anything like that. What I would like to do is to make my home town airport in MD look more realistic (it's pretty basic now) by adding structures, surrounding scenery, static parked acft, airport signage, navaids, etc., and would like to learn how to do all that. Are there any tutorials I can turn to, or can anyone point me in the right direction to learn how to do these things? Specific questions I have right now are...where can I find structures like buildings/houses/hangars, etc. (what is is the FS program seems pretty sparse) and how do I add them; how do you plant static parked acft on a ramp; how do I install navaids like NDB's, VOR's & ILSs; can I add roads where they don't exist in the default FS9? Pretty basic stuff I must admit, but everyone has to start at the beginning. Would appreciate some help to get started. :-zhelpJon B: another :-newbie
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