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  1. Will this method work on the instrument panel in the Grumman Goose? I like to fly this plane but the gauges are very hard to see unless it is nighttime.Don
  2. That's a hard question to answer because some of those times it seemed okay, so I was convinced that I could do it that way safely, then about the 4th or 5th time I kept getting error messages after it was removed (pulling hair!!!) so I uninstalled fsx and started from scratch. So---it would be impossible for me to tell you that you could take sp2 out and all would be fine. Sorry, but that is the way it is. The last two times I was installing sp2 only, without acceleration, and I got the same result.Microsoft blames nvidea (convenient) but my nvidea card runs fsx sp1 great---so---all I can say is if you want to try it, you are on your own. Good luckDon
  3. AAhhhhh yes good ole sp2. I can tell you that I installed and uninstalled 7 times (because I refused to believe that I couldn't use it) Now it resides in the closet with a bunch of other useless stuff that I will throw away some day. I can say truthfully that I have had no problems with it since I put it in the closet. Draw your own conclusions. Don
  4. It's the old pass the buck solution--- - We don't know so let's blame nvidea!!!Don
  5. Well I am running xp sp2, NO dx 10 and No addons. The sim is default.Do you think I should install fsx sp2 (the downloaded one)?Don
  6. The reason that people view sp2 so cautiously is because it most always screws up a lot of things in the sim. Just look at the messages in here about that. Who wants to have their sim freeze just because they are trying to change something with the tool bar? I had such a bad experience with it that I now use accelerator disc and box for a paperweight.Several times I have been at the point of installing sp2 (downloaded version) but have not as yet because Phil said it is exactly the same as the one in accel and, if that's the case, I don't need that hassle.Don
  7. Are you guys that are using instant scenery also using vista? A friend of mine uses vista and he downloaded the program but coulcn't get it to run. Anybody know why?
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