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  1. Thanks, it works!i will be transferring everything else, like planes, will that work?
  2. "Could you please tell us exactly what you have downloaded and installed. Also please let us know the sequence that they were installed. This way we can more directly assist in getting your Flt3 back-up and running again."i have downloaded a lot of planes, but these are all fine, as i only donloaded them as a start and my game never crashed. i think it may be the "BIN" or the other file, for some reason.Also, let us know at which loading sequence Flt3 is crashing on you. For example, is it happening during the "Loading AI #%".yes, it crashes on my second flight, when the "Loading AI" screen comes up."Conflicts occur when people add extra radio frequencies without proper testing. The truth is, all packages are not compatible with each other. It is also possible to cause crashes by copying model files across without their MIP files."This is probably my problem"What region does the problem occur in (Seattle or Sanfran)?What additions did you make?"It happens in Seattle as i only have Seattle, but i downloaded something and now i have like, 35 other airports outwith seattle and SanFranhow do you mean, additions? i donloaded something and i have tons more airports, like LAX and grand canyor airports"If the crashes happen at nightfall, you have an incorrect night MIP or model. If the crashes only happen during startup (i.e. on the map screen), there are many possible causes"i only fly during the day right now"Have you loaded any specific packages like 'Seattle 2005' or 'Seattle 2008'? Both of these sets CAN cause problems if you start adding lots of other stuff. Chris Low and I can tell you what is where (he did '2005, I did '2008)."i really do not know if i have! can i see a record of all of the things i have downloaded?thanks for the replies by the way!! i am getting a new computer in a few days, so i will be putting FU3 on it, so that SHOULD help it!(it is with Vista, does Vista work with it?)
  3. i am new to avsim, but i have been playing FU3 for years. I am wondering, why does my game kepp on crashing?it never crashed, then i downloaded a couple things, it was fine, downloaded a few more, and it started crashing every second flight. Can you please help me!!my computer runs...windows...*98* this may be the problem...also, will there be new planes coming out soon, like the "concorde" someone talked about. will there be an "Airbus A380?"thanks for an awesome site!! :D
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