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  1. I agree about FSX ATC. the voices are much better than they are FS2020...disappointed in this with it being 15 years newer, but hopefully, this gets improved upon as well. My #1 is still TrackIR. I'm flying P3D more than fs2020 alpha because of these 2 reasons more than anything else.
  2. Hey Ray! I have i9-9900k Nvidia RTX 2080Ti 64gb ram Budget is $3K or less. USA Thanks!
  3. Anthracite - what 43" (or similar size) monitor would you recommend?
  4. Is G-sync monitors the way to go now if you have an Nvidia card? How much of a difference does it make?
  5. I currently have Three 27" monitors. I had a 40" 1080P tv in my closet (probably 6+ years old) and hooked it up as a single monitor. It was actually a little bit easier to fly and I enjoyed the height more than I thought I would. So, now I'm looking to upgrade. Any thoughts or suggestions? Maybe a 43" 4k monitor for MSFS2020? Thanks for the input!
  6. The old Flight One PC-12 had this feature where you could insert an image to replace the standard pilot.
  7. Maybe there’s an exclusion of blocky trees within xxx distance of an airport and those are replaced with ai trees? Those would be most noticeable on takeoff, approach or on the ground
  8. Since I've invested hundreds, no thousands of dollars on flight sim between the computer, yoke, pedals, TrackIR, add-on scenery, etc. this is nominal. I'm in!
  9. I agree...that is an important feature for me. One of the great things about flight sim is being able to see different parts of the world, I don't want to wake up at 3 AM to do a 10 AM flight in London, etc. I've asked the same thing from the guys at Rex Sky Force 3D and they keep saying that it will be in a future build.
  10. For most, once you use TrackIR, you can't go back. It's much more immersive, especially when VFR flying. I would hope that this would be compatible with MSFS.
  11. Can't remember when they close Alpha 1 testers. This week maybe?
  12. I didn't know about this boat traffic. Thanks for posting!
  13. Yes AI aircraft. I believe that non-flat runways are already incorporated, so they were mentioning items that were likely not developed yet, but I'm not sure.
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