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  1. So after reading your post Mr. Downscc, which I thank you, finding the correct path and then the correct file and then the instructions to read in their file. I was simple. Why is it so complicated to do something simple on this computer? It make me feel really stupid that I didn't figure it out for myself first and not be on of those who does not RTFM! and post here. Anyway I got all sorted out. Thanks again. Wayne
  2. Kyle, Thanks for the response. I have looked at the intro Manual, once and quickly scanned through it. I didn't think twice about the TAB key assignment. I thought it was pretty nifty.... until the SODE arrived. I will now look again. edit; I was looking at the wrong pages for the key assignment, which is where I was looking. It was in the simulation pages and not the key commands. Thank You, Wayne
  3. Greetings, Using the PMDG aircraft FMC, the Tab key activates the data line. However, the SODE program used in several add on scenery's also uses the TAB + S key to activate the system. I know I can use the menu from the top of P3D, but for shortcuts is there a way to change or delete the Tab data activation key in the FMC. Each time I use the SODE menu Tab key I enter an S on the the FMC and the pop ups get hidden and I am not sure sometimes what is activated on screen. If not, I will just remember to use the menu at the top. I have looked in the key assignments, no joy. I cannot configure the SODE. Thanks, Wayne L Pierce
  4. Thank you for the reply. I will give your advice a try. Thanks
  5. Greetings, I have looked at the Manuals and I am sure I missed it, but how does one reset the FMC to accept a new flight. Aside from totally resetting the aircraft I cannot seem to let the FMC reset/ reload itself for a new flight. I put in a new destination but the flight legs, departure and arrival from the old flight are still there. Is there an on off switch I am missing. ?? Thank You, Wayne L Pierce
  6. Greetings, not a big thing, but I notice the vehicle towing the A/C unit in the BOAC skin does not tow the A/C unit. It stays put until the little truck stops , jumps in position, then no hoses are connected. Then the ground connections in the CDU will report arriving but never does change. Does this affect the aircraft functions at all ? The other aircraft work fine, well the quantas does at least. Thank You, Wayne L Pierce
  7. Well I fixed my starting problem here. I took a look at the forums and gathered what others were saying and I used the MAAM-SIM forum and the DCA forum and put together the following config for my MAAM-SIM DC3 and c-47.I have not had a starting problem since for FSX. I don't have to load another airplane when starting FSX like i used to do. I don't have to put the Frame rates below 25. There were a couple of little changes to the config suggested and I put them together and for me it now works. I have been without manually startable engines for some time.Here is my config. not too much different, just a few little changes from the default.[GeneralEngineData]engine_type=0Engine.0=8.333333,-10.800, -1.250000Engine.1=8.333333, 10.800, -1.250000fuel_flow_scalar=.97 //0.94min_throttle_limit=0.02master_ignition_switch=1max_contrail_temperature=-25 [piston_engine]power_scalar=0.89max_rpm_mechanical_efficiency_scalar=1.0idle_rpm_mechanical_efficiency_scalar=1.0max_rpm_friction_scalar=1.0idle_rpm_friction_scalar=1.0cylinder_displacement=131compression_ratio=6.7number_of_cylinders=14max_rated_rpm=2700max_rated_hp=1200.0fuel_metering_type=1cooling_type=0normalized_starter_torque=1.5 //0.6turbocharged=1max_design_mp=52.3min_design_mp=8.0critical_altitude=4760emergency_boost_type=2emergency_boost_mp_offset=6emergency_boost_gain_offset=10fuel_air_auto_mixture=0auto_ignition=0Thanks, A really happy Wayne
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