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  1. Hallo, I have the following question, I installed the Avenger in FSX but when i switch to the TO or Main panel a black part appear in the lower side of the screen. I can manually adjust this part of the screen to full screen mode. But is there a way to adjust this in the panel cfg to keep the background in full screen mode during switching between panels. thanks so far. rgds Willem.
  2. Hallo, Perhaps you find something on this website www.coolsky.no rgds Willem
  3. Hallo, Super thanks very much. rgds Willem
  4. Hallo, I have a question about the Project Fokker website. http://fokker.avsim.net Is this website removed or stopped on the www. If so is it still possible to download the Project Fokker F28 somewhere else. hope you can help. rgds Willem.
  5. Hallo,I have the following small problem.After installation of the 10th edition of the DC3/R4D in FSX i found at the R4D and DC3 BEA and UAl and OY-BPB when in VC mode that the elevator trim wheel turns to the opposite way when you trim the aircraft so fwd up / aft down.And also the elevator trim wheel turns very slow comparing to the other aircraft and at the R4D it does turns very very slow till almost not. (AP off)In the other aircrafts the elevator trim wheel turns to the correct way fwd down / aft up and turns normal speed.This is also the case in FS9 with the same aircraft.I check the forum but i can not find this problem so is there perhaps a fix for it or is this a bug in FS.I use windows7 64bit.rgds Willem.
  6. Hallo Alastair,Thanks for the reaction i downloaded the file but check also this site if you like. http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?app=dow...p;showfile=1067.After a request at the site http://www.dutchfs.com they started to repaint a lot of Maam B25 textures for the Dutch airforces.Hope you like it.rgds Willem.
  7. Hallo,I have a question about the lost NETHERLANDS AF B-25J TEXTURES.Is there a possibility to download it somewhere else or perhaps does someone have this file still on his computer.Hope so.thanks so far.rgds Willem
  8. Hallo,Thanks for the Tip, i have already changed both panels cfg,s.rgds Willem.
  9. Hallo,After installing the last patch for the Avenger the COP sound was missing during carrier landings.After a long search and reinstalling everything i found something wrong in the panel cfg,s in the fsfsconv map.I found the name off this gauge is wrong !gauge36=COP_Sound!dsd_xml_sound3, 0,0,20,20,./gauges/rcb-miljet/COP_Sound.INIt has to be!gauge36=COP_Sound!dsd_xml_sound3, 0,0,20,20,./gauges/rcb-miljet/COP_Sound.INIAfter the change all sounds where back, so if you have some problems with the COP v2.0 installation check the panel cfg file,sHope this Tip helps.rgds Willem
  10. Hallo Mr Mark,Thanks for the reply.I have everything installed, but it take at least a year to learn everything special the paint program.I found also the tutorial of the california classic.I will try to make something but i will need a lot of help.thanks so farrgds Willem
  11. Hallo,I have a question about making repaints using the texture 24 bit files for the DC3/C47.I have installed the DXTmp program and for the trial and error method i am using the MS paint program.But reading the readme file i am confused i am trying the expample method but ad piont 2 of explanation after sending the image to MS paint it appear as NORM.bmp so far it works.But at piont 3 you have to close NORM.BMP file.And now i am lost because you close the paint program and loosing the opened NORM. BMP file i tryed it for several hours but nothing seems to work.So do i have to save it first or do i make a major mistake :( Because i will try to make a Dutch Airforce C47/DC3, perhaps someone who has far more experience can help me making a repaint?I have pictures avail.rgds Willem
  12. Hallo Mr Bill,Thanks for the reply.I will try something with paint kit!!!.Did,t know that it is possible to ask the painters for special requests.thanks so far,rgds Willem.
  13. Hallo,I have a question?Are there perhaps textures for the Royal Dutch Airforce C47/DC3,s to use with the Maam C47/DC3.thanks so far.rgds Willem
  14. Hallo Mr Bill,Thank for the reaction.The navigation table is a very nice, but during flying before landing you are to much busy seeking the landing checklist notes on the table, so you are not looking out side anymore and see the instruments.And for magnify with the mouse click sometimes your missed it and the table will folded back in the instrument panel and have to start again to find it.But that is my experience, but no problem i will print it or write it on a piece paper.But still it is a great job your have done and i am waiting for the blackwidow!rgds Willem
  15. Hallo Mr Bill,Thanks for the explanation.I was back on track after studying the original Handbook there is also a picture of the autopilot on the mainpanel with the so called "instrument selector switch".I thought there was only a switch which i had overlooked somewhere on the panels, but after seeing the picture i understand that this not a small design item.But i have an other question:I saw during the old instruction movie a checklist board/placard on the mainpanel for take off and landing which you can rotate 360 deg.This board/placard is also visible on the on the sim version of the avenger (2D panel) but not readable.Is it perhaps possible to make this as a magnify pop-up like in the DC3 where you can magnify the performens data placard on the main panel. I hope this a little bit easyer.rgds Willem.