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  1. There's a new developer's blog post up on our website. It's about the development of my sound engine for the Lockheed Vega with a quick demonstration. Read up on it if you're interested to see what's coming soon:
  2. Update for version 0.04 now available!
  3. Hey guys, The update to version 0.04 of the Vega is on it's way and will probably be available by Friday this week. With the update, the price will increase to 30 Euros, so purchase the aircraft now to benefit from the lower introduction price. I put together a youtube video to highlight some of the things that are coming with this update:
  4. Hey guys, Shane (AUS flight simmer) did a first review of the Early-Access version of the Vega 5, if you're interested:
  5. Thanks Pedro! While I didn't specifically test it, the Vega will work just fine on P3Dv4.1. In fact, I haven't updated my SDK since version yet, so even 4.0 would run just fine. But as always: send me an email or post in our forum if you run into any trouble with the aircraft and we'll find a solution.
  6. Woooow, thank you for saying this. You made my day!!
  7. Vibrations are already included. The gauges wobble (check out the youtube channel!), the cowling shakes, the airframe vibrates, etc. Buuuuuut it's not the final version of the wobble yet. Stage II of the wobble will come when I finished calculating properly the combustion process in the engine (spark timing, fouling, carburetor,...) 😉
  8. Hello Bob, thank you for saying that, much appreciated! And thank you so much for your support. I honestly believe the product, as it is right now, is well worth the money I'm asking for and any future update is a net-gain for anyone who purchases the aircraft right now. It was extremely important to me that the Vega was delivered without any game-breaking issues, with an accurate flight model and fun to fly. It took me two years to get her to the stage she is in right now and it is my hope that anyone who flies her can see the value. And yes, I am very passionate about this aircraft. I invested a lot of time and money into her, how could I not be? 😁 My intention is to release new updates in one to two month cycles, each one tackling a new aspect of the system simulation and adding a new livery with every update. But I really can't promise this timeline. Some features will require a lot of time to develop and the update-cycle will be affected by this. For minor things, or intermediate bug-fixes I will publish hot-fixes in my forum. I tried this approach during the testing face with my testers and it worked well. What I am working on right now are two things: 1. I try to come up with a better solution for the wheel chocks and fix the visibility issue of the tie-downs (they don't show up due to some code-screw-up on my part). I'm yet to find a good solution to fixate the aircraft in one position on the ground without causing issues and suggestions how to tackle this are welcome! 2. Heat exchange. I already built the foundation for the oil system. All the components (lines, connectors, tank, screen, filter, pressure valve, etc.) are modeled and with the help of the, I came up with a great way to calculate pressure and flow in a multi-grid system. There's still some issues with it, but overall it's pretty robust. But since the viscosity is a function mainly of temperature, I now need to calculate the heat exchange between the engine's part and the oil. This is a huge task and will require some time to finish, but it's well on the way 🙂 aaaah see what you guys are doing? Once you get me started on this project I can't stop talking 😆
  9. Hey Brian, yes, the same. Life pushed me away from the sim for a few years but I'm back working on the Vega since 2016 and once she is in it's final release, the Electra will follow. She needs some more polishing up though, as the technology progressed.
  10. I just like to point out that I am not justflight. But I understand your stance, if it's not for you, it's not for you. 😀
  11. Hey raex-flight, Otmar here from Wing42. There isn't many reviews out there I know of. But you can get a very good look at the plane by watching a live stream of "the Sky Lounge". Edson took her for a spin about a week before release. You can find it here: I know of a few people who want to write reviews as well, I'll let you know as soon as something's out. Hello djbully, I can answer that question for you. In short: because there's people out there that really like to take part in Early-Access and I like to give them a chance to do so and have a say in the development. I am myself a customer of a number of Early-Access programs and I enjoy them thoroughly. I can understand that this is not everyone's cup of tea, and it's a perfectly fine decision to say no to the offer and wait until it's finished. It is my honest opinion that the Vega is at a stage where it is a lot of fun to fly already. The visuals are great, performance is excellent, flight characteristics are extremely accurate and you'll find some really nifty animations and system simulation already. There are a few minor issues that you need to be aware of, and there are a lot of features that are yet to come. But I think that all of this is reflected in the price. I hope that answers your question. Tell me what you think! 😀 Cheers, Vitus aka Otmar
  12. Hello folks! It is time for me to undertake a campaign of shameless self-promotion; and what better place to do so than in the fine community of avsim! I've never posted here before, however some of you will know me from other places like fsdeveloper, flightx or soh. For the past two years I've been working on the implementation of a Lockheed Vega 5 for FSX, FSXSE and P3D that I will release as a commercial product soon. My plans are to release it in early-access at a reduced price, because I hope that I can utilize the know-how and experience of other flightsimmers to make this product the most realistic Vega in Flight Simulator. I do have a background in engineering as well as software development, so you can expect a ludicrous amount of detail when it comes to system simulation. A lot of those systems are already in place, such as a new electrical system (complete with surge protection by means of melting-type fuses), vacuum system (calculating the spinning of gyros, considering airflow and friction in the bearings), barometric system (utilizing nothing but raw ambient atmospheric data to simulate the response of the diaphragm in altimeter, vsi and asi), etc. Some systems are still being worked on such as the oil system (calculating pressure changes in every single part of the engine, build up of slug, etc.), engine combustion and ignition. Those will be gradually implemented in future updates after the initial release. I also started a Youtube channel in order to provide some more information, here's the first video I put out (be gentle please): I hope you like what you see. Furthermore, I'd like to pick your brain - I'm grateful for any suggestions, criticism and praise! You'll find a lot more information on my website, you'll also find a link to the first WIP version of the manual in my forum. Regards, Vitus