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  1. alcav55


    Hi all , Firstly let me say How pleased I am that this post has produced some happiness for someone namely Mitch . It must have been very frustrating for you Mitch to have suffered crashes for such a long time . I have only just started to use fsx Vista, and already I am miffed off by it . Tell me though Are you using Vista Or Windows seven ? Does this cure work for vista ? Or is it for windows seven only . My regards ................Alan
  2. alcav55


    Many thanks guys for all your help,I will try out your suggested remedies over the next few days.I have a feeling it may be "ITS YOUR PLANE "that is causing it.Regards.............Alan
  3. Hi all,I am using fsx with added "Radar contact","It's your Plane", and "Active Sky".generally all seems to work ok until I try to access the menu bars to get different views etc.then it crashes with a "fatal error" and a re-start .Any ideas anyone?regards Alan3gh processor2gb ramnividea 8800 512mb g/card
  4. Hi,I am also Having problems with runtime error 75,it will not let me start RC4.I have tried all of the suggested remedies in this thread to no avail.I have only recently installed RC4 into Vista/FSX and have not been able to get RC to run yet.It is very frustrating,nothing seems to cure the problem.I am a73 y.o and not exactly well up in the depths of software fault finding.I tried running as administrator only to be asked to re-register.I also pointed rc to my .flt location,also to no avail.I have the current registered version of fsuicp.I really hope you can help as I feel I am spending far too much time trying to repair software and not using my hobby as it should be used eg. Flight Simulation.Regards Alan