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  1. I would like very much to thank Bryan for perfect handling of my problem and excellent customer friendliness of this organization FS2Crew. I wish you all the best for the future with the development of the software. Greetings John
  2. Thanks Bryan, I will make a support ticket, so we will see. :) Regards, John
  3. Dear Byork, Sorry, it has nothing to do with this scenery EDDT from Aerosoft. I have at the moment 919 sceneries installed in FS9 and I can tell you that I have quite a lot of knowledge of flight simulator. Before I had installed FS2Crew, I have flown for more than three years without a CTD error over the hole world. I fly so between 1000-1500 hours every year and do this hobby already for more than 30 years. Perhaps a look at my website to see what all is installed. Of course I have redone this flight without installing FS2Crew just installed RAAS Pro and it went again as of old, without a single problem. That came at me on VATSIM has a lot of traffic had this time, which normally requires quite some fps. Yesterday I made another 3 flights (PTRO-> PTKK & PTKK-> PKMJ & PKMJ-> NFFN) with a total flight time of more than 10 consecutive hours without a single problem. There really is something wrong with this program and have been already read several reports about others who also have a CTD. Regards, John My home cockpit : http://www.john1604.nl
  4. Hello Support, After purchasing bundle package FS2Crew iFly, version 1.2 (8 July 2011), I installed the version Voice in my FS9. Then I installed the update version 2.3. These are my flight system requirements: Intel Core i7-920 (4 x 2.666 GHz) - 6144 MB RAM with a graphics card: 2 x XFX Nvidia Geforce GTX 295 (1792MB), Windows XP 64bit (gaming edition), Flight Simulator 9.1, iFly 737 version 3.2.2 Before starting my FS9 I first started the iFly config tool and for all aircraft models enabled the voice. At the 1st flight I was doing all right with a CTD at approach of an airport, with the popup message out of memory. This should not really happen with 6GB of RAM in my system. At the 3rd flight I was tired and did the whole program of FS2Crew have taken off again, I again installed the version 1.2 and 2.2 after reboot. Unfortunately again after two flights, the CTD issue. Again, remove the entire program and FS2Crew installed after a restart now only the version 1.2. This might not benefit directly in my 1st flight again a CTD. Meanwhile, remove all of FS2Crew and now after 3 flights fly no more problems with the CTD issue. Now I ask myself what is wrong and I quite regret that I have made this purchase. Hopefully someone from the team develepment FS2Crew something to tell what is wrong with this software in FS9. Regards, John My home cockpit : http://www.john1604.nl
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