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  1. well, I deleted everything related to CH product and plug the yoke back in and it works! Thank you for all answers. You guys awesome
  2. Yes, correct, in options, no CH products yoke and pedals, mouse and keyboard only. In Devise Manager I can see the yoke
  3. Hi there! Please help, all of a sudden I lost the CH product yoke and pedals in the MS2020 controls list. I have only a mouse and keyboard. I already checked the device manager of my computer and it says that the device is working properly, but the flight simulator does not recognize it somehow. Please inform me on what i should do! I tried to reset my computer a few times but its still the same result. According to the CH product, it should be a plug and play. Thank you in advance!
  4. Thank you! Please let me know where is the Photogrammetry on/off setting is located? Newbie is here, sorry (;
  5. Hi there! I have purchased my MS2020 and I was so excited to see the city of Toronto from the sky! Toronto was supposedly in the list of the photorealistic cities in MS2020 but the CN tower isn't even present, no downtown Toronto present. Is there a way that I can change it? I even tried with global rendering quality set to Ultra. Any advise will be appreciated. Thanks
  6. Yes, I've tried to assign it to the axis menu, it actually accept it, but as soon as you start to accelerate and aircraft starts to move and I touch the pedals, the aircraft stops and does not move after...
  7. Hello pilots! I just started to use the CH products flight sim yoke and pedals. Love it! Just one problem, cant find the left/right brake assignment to my pedals. I mean, for example when I press on the toe of the left pedal it should apply left brake.... there is an option in the settings controls: Brakes (apply left), Brakes (apply right) for both controllers. But when I try to do new assignments, it would not recognize when I press to the toe of my pedals... I hope you would understand what I mean... And thank you! P.S. I am using Prepar3Dv3
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