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  1. Thank you Paul! Solved One thing i've noticed, is that antialias effect is not visible in the opening screen preview, but only after the game is loaded. Appreciate your help! Sal
  2. Hi guys i need help , i'm little bit confused about fixer and Ni setting. I have a gtx770 2gb on a 32 inches samsung 1920x1080 (windowed mode) cpu i7 2600k oc 4.7 Are these the correct combinations? dx fixer = 8x csaa ni= 4x sparse grid supersampling dx fixer= 8x ni=8x sparse grid supersampling or just 8x I mean what value in the fsx.cfg must match with the transparency multisetting ni? MultiSamplesPerPixel? or MultiSampleQuality? I've tried many combos but AA is still not good as dx9. Sorry for my poor english. Greetings from italy Sal
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