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  1. As said in another topic I encounter this 421 error also. It looks like if you download a bunch of files one after the other then the AVSIM server will give you the 421 error. If you wait a while then you can download again. Anyway thanks in advance for your effort. I'm aware that this site is maintained by volunteers.
  2. I'm also getting this with downloading the World of AI packages. It pops up every few seconds. No matter what time of day. So please do investigate. As navtech said it can't be that you have all the time the maximum number of connections.
  3. Sorry for the trouble Kyle my mistake. But nevertheless thanks for the reply.
  4. Found it the panel state Long Turn does that trick not Cold and Dark
  5. Maybe a stupid one. But when I watched the AoA cold and dark video I noticed that the power ground connection is available when switching on the battery. When I do this I don't have ground power. So I have to start my APU and then use the FMC to give the ground crew a order to connect power. So if someone knows a solution you could help me out. At EHAM (Amsterdam) it isn't allowed to use the APU due to noise restrictions. So to make it as real as it gest I want to start the bird without APU.
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