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  1. Leoneomatrix

    PMDG747-400 training AoA DVD

    Joe, thanks for the information, appreciate it. Leo Soares
  2. Leoneomatrix

    PMDG747-400 training AoA DVD

    Hello dear! I'd like to purchase the PMDG 747-400 AoA training disk but I'm not sure if it's available yet, if so, how do I get? I spotted at PMDG web site but it doesn't seen to have a "purchase" button. Thank You! Leo Soares
  3. Leoneomatrix

    Question- Nose Wheel Steering system ?

    Hello Guys Thanks to you help now I can have a better understanding about NWC system, really appreciate for your patience and time. Regards! Leonardo Soares
  4. Can anybody tell me how nose wheel steering sysmtem works and how real pilots manage to make turns on taxiways(rudder input maybe?)I don't know, it may sound a little stupid but I really appreciate if I can get some help from you folks in this matter.Thanks Leonardo Soares
  5. Leoneomatrix

    777, FS9 and Vista

    Can anyone tell me why is this happening???I'm running Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit and I already tried 2 video cards (RadeonX300 and Nvidia 7900 GTX)still like this
  6. Hello dear, can't still run RC under my Windows Vista(Ultimate -64bit), please if anyone knows anything tell me, regards
  7. Well i'm using Rc with FS9 under windows Vista(Ultimate Version) and whenever i load a flight plan on RC works just fine but when i get it startedon the sim the RC ATC screen appears to be all messed up with the letter all apart from each other and when i request (1-WX) or (2-CD) options nothing happens and eventually RC quits with no explanation whatsoever, this has been my experience so far, couldn't go any further. I guess RC isn't fully compatible with Vista yet but i hope to see a Patch soon.... regards Leo
  8. Just curious if i can have it working properly under Vista.. Leo