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  1. I take my words back about flightsystems. They ARE still in business. It was just a bad mix up in the communication channels and now all sorted out. They've kindly contacted me and now we are all on the same page! And BTW, as I mentioned, the computer that they have built for me is working like a champ! So, please, disregard my message above. Dmitriy.
  2. The https://flightsystems.ca/ doesn't seem to be in business anymore. At least I cannot rich ANYONE from there for a week now! Even the phone number listed on their site is inactive now. I bought a computer from them a couple of months ago, and while it's working fine so far with prepar3d and NGX (knock on the wood), having a company gone missing in action like this without any prior notice or any acknowledgement to my requests is scary! I would caution anybody thinking of purchasing a custom built PC for flight simulation purposes to explore the alternative companies. Dmitriy.
  3. +1 for Continental 800 They still have few of them left
  4. Thanks a lot for the info.Dmitriy.
  5. Gerry,I understand that :-) I just want to know as little as whether this project is still going.D.
  6. Hello fellow simmers and PMDG crew. I just want to get a confirmation that the development cycle for A320 is still in-progress and it hasn't been discontinued. If that is the case, I would be very glad and will start saving for my new hardware (I'm pretty sure that I have some time as obviously we would not see a release of it in 2007) :-)Thanks a lot in advance for any info regarding the Airbus family.Regards,Dmitriy.
  7. Can you please do the Continental: Thanks,Dmitriy.>>These are simply a few of the repaints that I am sure would>be>>well received by your users.>>>>I understand that you may not want to tell us the final list>>of repaints at the moment, that's fine, however please keep>>this in mind and let us know whether you would ever consider>>doing this.>>So far I've made a point of only doing airlines that have>committed or are dead certs on committing (with the exception>of a couple of purely fictional freighter), However, I fully>aware that those airline are not to everyones taste, and I>intend to do a handful of 200LR's and 300ER's as appropriate>for airlines who currently operate only the 200/200ER and 300.> >>So you can count on a fair few 'fictional' yet real liveries,>if you get my drift. >>Haven't a clue yet as to which but I'm hoping doe a fairly>well distributed list when it comes to geographical>location...
  8. Folks,I hate to repeat what's been said probably a 1000 times, but can't help it.Just a statement: please PMDG, consider creating a good quality Boeing 777.Regards,Dmitriy.
  9. Mike,pardon my ignorance, but what is the difference betweeen level-D and level-C?Dmitriy.
  10. I guess it was my "perception" comming from a PC-based one. Also a 20kts crosswind might have been a factor. Actually, when gaining an altitude and in trim, it was quite stable...Dmitriy
  11. Vala,I'll deffinitely do another trip to Long Beach in the future ;-) I'll be looking forward to doing 777 this time around!' What is your email, just in case?Dmitriy.
  12. Jeremy,please post your report. I'm always interested in stories like that!Dmitriy.
  13. Victor,I believe that after 9/11, United discontinued their "Pilot for a day" program.Dmitriy.
  14. Vala,+1 I'd like to read the report...Regards,Dmitriy.
  15. Bill,honestly, I forgot his name (a lot of things went through my mind that day) :-) The gentelmen's name who arranged it for me is Mike Calcagno.Dmitriy.
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