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  1. No I'm sorry to say I missed that I downloaded xpuiipc 4 is that the right on?
  2. I get p2a to connect to MSFS 2020 just fine. But It don't connect fully to XPlane at all
  3. I did a full flight of four hours got to the Destiination airport taxi to the gate that they gave me but when I went to see how many hours I got on my logbook I didn’t get any but when I take and and flew and taxi to the gate Microsoft flight Sim and went to their gate it was saved is it just me having this problem or what
  4. I was asking for taxi clearance. I was at KDEN but didn't hear a thing. I finally gave up that flight. Bob
  5. I understand the flow chart for the 767 but I don't understand the one for the maddog. When do I say something. I just don't see it. Sorry. I'm 63 I guess my mind dosn't work like it use to.
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