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  1. hi there i bought the HD Version of the 747 as well a few days ago...i can t find the INS as well in there....i downloaded the CIVA INS package for fsx, but is there anyone who has managed to install the CIVA in the CLS 747HD ? thanks for your help marc
  2. hi again....i found out the Problem with the Spoilers Sound...it happens only when you use the Spoilers with a Joystick axis, and not when you just use a keypress...i configured a keypress on my throttle quad for the speedbrakes now, and i don t have that annoying Sound anymore... now just trying to figure out the gear warning horn. when i edit the aircraft.cfg file, and setup the following gear_warning_available=0 then nothing happens, and i still get the warning Sound....any Body knows a way around this? thanks a lot Marc
  3. hello everybody i bought the Citation II a few days ago, and must say, i am really happy with it. Unfortunately i do experience a strange Sound Problem. When i open the Speed Brakes during flight, i hear this Special Sound from the Spoilers, but when i retract them, the Sound continues to be played until touchdown, then it stops. If i take off again on the same flight, the Sound starts playing upon taking off again. also, is there a way to silence the gear horn? I can't seem to press that button on the Panel? is there a Keyboard shortcut for it? many thanks Marc
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