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  1. Hi Maik, Can I strongly suggest you have a look at LINDA for FSX. Type LINDA FSX google. The LINDA program will do ALL you want for your VriSim.. Regards Niall Kavanagh
  2. niallkavanagh

    PMDG 747 II for Prepar3D

    Hi Dan, Yep read it and executed the p3d v3 config and PMDG config changes, but no avail... but agree. i have ORBX and AX 2016 sure. but they survived FSX. I have both at "minimal" settings and P3D at same but VAS just climbs and climbs... (a la FSUIPC). the 737 appears to have no probs... regards Niall
  3. niallkavanagh

    PMDG 747 II for Prepar3D

    I say this very reluctantly, being a loyal PMDG user. I have the FSX 737 747 (old) 777 and the fabulous JS, and the new 737 777 747 QOTH for P3D. It is ENTIRELY possible this is a P3D and PMDG compatibility/memory control issue, and neither are to blame (Blame too big a word). Nevertheless there are lots of us who gladly FSX'ed with the PMDG offerings with no OOM issues. So please help guys! X -Plane 11 nearly here... With apologies and regards Niall
  4. All, This current version for P3D V3 is essentially unusable while the OUT of MEMORY or OOM (look it up...) issue is unresolved. I have flown it everywhere, with any an all "suggestions" and tweaks. the OOM problem is unsolvable. The model is clearly unfit for, or beyond 3D V3. IMHO Niall Kavanagh