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  1. Thank you very much fo the immediate response!!
  2. It was unchecked, nevertheless I was given the VOR approach. There was not an ILS approach for the given runway but Pilot2ATC could have picked another runway, close enough with a close direction with an ILS approach. Thanks anyway.
  3. Hello, I am evaluating Pilot2ATC on the 10 day demo. Today I flew to a big international airport with a 777-300 ER and I was assignes a VOR approach. Is there a setting where Pilot2ATC assigns always an ILS approach whenever it is available? Thank you
  4. No, this is not the issue. ChasePlane is in focus. The sliders don't work with some presets.I do not know why.
  5. Hello, yesterday I tried to modify some cockpit presets in my PMDG 777-300ER but some of them are not changed by the camera controls. Some othes work ok. If I modify the number next to each control then I get the new preset position, The sliders do not work. Any ideas? I am using windows 10 x64 with the experimental updates but this happens with the stable version as well. Thanks.
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