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  1. Turbo Otter / Heading Nob not working / Nav with 750 not working The Heading nob is not turning and the autopilot is not following the flightpath...any help? Maik
  2. what i have to push that the can is showing?
  3. Hi Were are the clickspot's for the drink can's oder to move the FO seat? Or other cool stuff. Thx
  4. hi yes runing it as admin. and yes pmdg 737 prepard3d 737-800WL Air Berlin. another liverys are also not working
  5. I try to install the liverys via OP Center but only the basic PMDG livery is displayed in P3D V3. Any Help??? Thanks Maik Füeg
  6. hi I use PMDG Operation Center to install the P3d V3 repaints for the PMDG P3D v3 737 Any solution? Thanks Maik
  7. no its says only how to install but i can not open it via mous puhsch..i have to open it via menu
  8. thank you is it not possible that it shown fix in the 3D Cockpit?
  9. How to install the GPS? I got a mesage error window00 bitmap??
  10. Happy Anniversary mfueeg!

  11. Happy Anniversary mfueeg!

  12. Pleas make the DC 6A Cargo VersionThx, you guys are the bestMaik
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