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  1. Oh well...nothing brute power and money wouldn't solve- went ahead and got a 1080ti for a very decent price- things are peachy again in simland :). rgds Metod
  2. Back to square one...for me. I am back at 100% pegged 1060. This happened after 1809 Win10 update. With this update it screwed also my Saitek x65f not being recognized. I rolled back to 1803, solved the stick but GPU is still causing stutters. I cleaned and reinstalled the drivers. Refreshed the motherboard drivers...tried all different versions of display drivers. I even updated the p3dv4 client to V4.4... On two instances it happened that GPU wasn't pegging but after computer restart, things got back to crappy...I am at the end of my wits here. I really don't want to reinstall everything (win and p3d). In nvidia settings I only have set Max performance. The thing is- if i pan around the gpu pegs, then goes back down to 30%...if I fly it's pegged to 100% in autogen heavy area. Am at the end of my wits here. Please help
  3. Wasn't for me....as I said- I also updated the bios and the motherboard drivers at the same time, so that might have been also a solution. I am just guessing that video drivers played a better part for this improvement. Now CPU is much more stressed and I can ramp up the settings for GPU (texture resolution, shadows etc.)- GPU load never goes part 50% now.
  4. Fixed my problem- updated to the newest nvidia driver, updated the MB drivers and updated the BIOS, now GPU is running solidly at 40% and FPS are stuck at 30fps...what was the culprit- not quite sure as I did too many updates at the same time to attribute the solution to the one fix...I have my suspicion that the video drivers might have done the trick but can't confirm it.
  5. Yeah- found out that too...have HT enabled now...still doesn't improve the GPU pegging. Before I buy another (better) GPU I need to test it out to see if this actually is the culprit for stutters...
  6. I have ( I think...) identified the culprit. FXAA...dunno why, but after disabling it and a slight overclock to 4,5 smoothed thinds out immensly
  7. Thanks a lot for the tips...I have scaled down a bit the settings and things improved a bit, but still get occasional GPU spikes and this is when the stuttering starts. On the average I get the 75% GPU load at settings that are quite below what you have suggested Jean-Claude.I have scaled down the clouds inn AS to 512 DXT5...don't use DL or HDR, shadows only in the cockpit and reflections on the plane, rest is unticked. One thing I will try is to go to my XMP profile and ramp it up to 5,2 GhZ, but this makes my rig run a bit too hot for my tasting. Oh the fiddling :)
  8. I am at the end of my rope here... I have a system with i7 8700 running at 4.3 no HT, and a 1060 6GB GPU and in P3dV4.3 I am experiencing massive stuttering. This happens when GPU hits 100%. I use 1024 textures and 1080p resolution. vsync off and limiter to 30 FPS. Settings are in the mid ranges. I constantly get 30 FPS but then when moving or panning around things start to stutter and making things unplayable...the culprit is the GPU. If I lower the autogen settings to sparse things improve a bit, but I didn't think that 1060 would be able to deliver such meager results... Tried all sorts of tricks with no results. Tried upgrading and downgrading Nvidia driver...no cigar. P3D is assigned to 4 cores, leaving the first 2 out for system and other apps. CPU is not fully pegged (the assigned cores get up to 95%). My thinking is that the CPU is overwhelming the GPU and an upgrade is required...2080ti is out of my price range. I'm thinking more of 1080ti (once the prices drop with the arrival of new cards) or should I wait for the 2070, which would be on the same level but a new card... Any thoughts on how I can squeeze or adapt settings that wouldn't cause so many stutters and if a new GPU is in order to get things smoothed out. Kind regards, Metod
  9. What are the FSX NGX,777,747 changes (if any) that would warrant an update if I did it mid July (any gamechangers? had no crashes or OOMs that require mending on my side)...this whole reinstall in 2 weeks is not my piece of pie (but understand it needs to be done this way). Metod Praprotnik
  10. I have noticed that the throttle levers move slow compared to the position of the "physical" throttles. The position of the physical throttles is corresponding with the announciators on the ENG displays and these move as fast as the physical throttles but if I move the physical throttles from idle to full, the animation of the movement is slow and not corresponding to the actual position. In 777 and 747 this is not the case and the throttles move in the same manner as the physical ones. Why is this bugging me? This issue becomes most noticable on final when flaring and cutting the throttles which results in a float for me due to slow decay of thrust...I know I might "over flare" but the 777 and the 747 cut the thrust just as expected and I experience "on spot" landings usually with no "floaters". And yes- I am over the threshold at VREF. Due to the slow response I have started cutting the throttle at 50 ft RA or sooner which in my mind is not too realistic... Any feedback and your experience is most welcome Metod Praprotnik
  11. Well it depends on the firewall u are using. I have Tiny Firewall and just set it to autolearn and it works- but I repeat- it highly depends on the firewall u are using. Metod Praprotnik
  12. Try checking if your firewall is letting the traffic through- I had the same issue, ASN not even displaying precipitation in FSX( despite being reported), after configuring/disabling the firewall, it was depicted in FSX and on WX radar. Hope this helps, Metod Praprotnik
  13. Before u go and start overclocking a new processor...try to o/c your old one. I'm guessing you can push it to 3,2 easy as long as you have adequate cooling. I'm running my e6750 on 400x8, rock solid and temps on idle are 39-40 and 55C under full load.See how u like the results- maybe the need for buying a new proc will be gone.regardsMetod
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