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  1. Marshall Priceman

    REX Enviroment Force

    I have just purchased the above and have come across a problem. When i start the software and then start Prepr3d v 4.4 i can hear the aircraft however i have got a black screen. I assumed at first it was doing something with the shaders but clearly this is not the case. I am also running tomato shade so not sure if thats something to do with this problem. Any help would be appreciated
  2. Marshall Priceman

    Prepar3d and FSX - Same machine?

    How does it work with Active Sky Next and Aviasoft Flight Bag, do you have to redirect it to the Prepr3d directory? What about FTX Global, I have it on FSX with FTX Central on my desk top, does in create another one when you install again onto Prepr3d? Regards Marsh