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  1. Thomas Creel September 21, 2014 7:29:56 PM PCIe 2.0 x16 = 8,000 MB/s = 64,000,000,000 bits PCIe 3.0 x16 = 16,000 MB/s = 128,000,000,000 bits GTX 980 Memory Clock = 7,000 Mb/s = 7,000,000,000 bits As you can see, PCIe 2.0 x16 can EASILY handle the mere 7 billion bits with its 64 billion bit threshold. quote name="frosty777" post="3134436" timestamp="1418650636"]I would wait... 970GTX is PCI 3.0 - and I don´t think your Asus P8P67 supports that? Go for Skylake, new mobo, new GPU, new, new, new...! I was concerned by this until I researched it further. Here is an post from tomshardware forum about the topic. "
  2. Would prefer if I could just get away with an GPU upgrade. My specs; i7 2600k @ 4.8 asus p8p67 pro 3.1 16gb gskill ddr3 1600 1tb seagate barracuda 10krpm geforce 570gtx superclocked 1.2gb So my question is; I want to do an upgrade on my system this winter but I don't want to spend a whole lot of money. I have been considering an 970GTX, but am wondering am I going to be seeing an noticable improvement in FSX if i do so? or am I wasting my money and should be waiting another year for a full system upgrade and hope by then they will release hardware to run FSX the way we all want it to run......
  3. Not real satisfied with this. maybe as freeware.. but not payware.
  4. Sounds like you had a blast. I fly my Stearman from time to time - it never gets boring
  5. Wondering about migrating to prepar3d....... I currently use FSX and am wondering if I would run into performance issues if I installed them both on the same machine - or should it be one or the other?
  6. What are you using? Mouse? I can land it fine with stick and rudder pedals. It lands like a tank.
  7. The above is true. But during the beta I was specifically told it was a Lyc R680 from someone on the dev team. It came in 3 horsepower varients, and is a 9 cylinder radial as opposed to the classic 7 cylinder.
  8. They're refering to the Lycoming R-680. A quick wiki search will bring up the specs, but it came in 3 models so I'm unsure if its 225hp or 300hp.
  9. That thing take's off down the runway like a rocket. I was a beta tester and did mention a few things (which were not changed). I don't know if they're modeling a 450 Stearman or not, but the 220 contential Stearman we have here on our farm flys completely different.Roll rate - too fast.Pitch axis - Much too "touchy"Yaw axis - Way too much authority. Take off and level out 100Knots and hold full rudder and watch what the flight Stearman does, hold opposite aieleron and you can almost turn it around 180 degrees and fly backwards! After all flight's meant to be a game I wouldn't expect them to try to put together a realistic flight model anyway.There isn't much more I can say about it
  10. As someone with a Stearman in the backyard hangar, I'll tell you guy's the Flight model is very much UN-REALISTIC!
  11. You know buddy, it was a suggestion I made because it smoothed things out on my system, IF you want an argument, you can take it up with me in PM, because I will not argue here. Thanks.
  12. I'm convinced the OP's issue is at hardware or driver level. I suggest to follow NickN's Windows 7/XP set up guide after a fresh format and start over from scratch.
  13. Well Mr. Jim.Works for me. My deepest sympathies if it does not suite your system, :(
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