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  1. Not wishing to hijack this old thread, but I just posted a tip which makes the save automatic and the reload a single key/button press.You just reset and go. https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/597882-in-flight-refreshrestore/
  2. I just wanted to share this tip that I discovered, Not only does it allow you to refresh your flight in-flight with a single button/key press, but if you happen to crash, it will automatically reload your flight at a point immediately before the crash so that you can recover and carry on. You need to have Pete Dowson's wonderful FSUIPC installed. Set up the flight autosave facility as follows: Enable Autosave: Checked Save Interval: 60000 secs (we're not interested in the regular autosave file) How Many To Keep: 1 (to ensure the file is overwritten on each autosave) Save Whilst on Ground: Checked Also Save To A Flight Called: Checked and specify filename as Previous Flight At This Interval (secs): 60 (or whatever you wish) (It may be that you can do the same with other flight autosave tools, but you must be able to save the file as Previous Flight) This will automatically save your flight every 60 secs to a FLT file called "Previous Flight". This is the file that FSX reloads when you invoke the Reset function (Ctrl+semicolon) or when you crash in mid flight. The file by default contains the flight settings at the start of the current flight, but there's nothing to stop you replacing it. So with this setup, if you're flying along and FSUIPC starts warning that you are running out of VAS (which was my problem), simply invoke Reset (I have it mapped to a button on my yoke). The sim pauses briefly and then reloads your flight from when it was last autosaved (i.e up to 60 secs ago). The reload is very quick, because most of the scenery is already loaded. The flight then carries on automatically, but with much less VAS - in my case nearly 1GB less.. Or, if you should happen to crash for any reason (it happens), instead of automatically reloading your flight from the beginning, FSX will reload from the point of the last autosave, which on average is 30 secs before the crash, thus allowing you to recover and avoid repeating what you did wrong the first time. I guess this scheme or similar could also be used if you wanted to repeat a particular segment of flight (e.g. a landing) over and over.
  3. Just adding a link to a later version of this topic: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/541153-autogen-buildings-too-white/
  4. I had this problem on a couple a/c and fixed it by turning unlimited fuel on in Settings. May or may not work for you.
  5. My very own thread - wow. Thanks ! I did make some further improvements to the file mentioned above. I darkened the houses which were not white but were very light in colour. That helped too. There are still some roofs and gable ends I'd like to do something about. Later.
  6. Resurrecting this thread as I finally decided to do something about the too-white houses in the UK. The main offending file (for UK) seems to be BLDk2.dds in the main FSX Texture folder. The textures for houses are at the top. Editing the white ones to brick makes a big improvement. There are still some others out there that I might go after, but for the time being I'm happy !
  7. One thing you could do is plug your headset into the speaker socket on the module. This would mean you would get all FSX sounds in your headset, but you can then adjust the level of voice and other sounds in FSX settings so the voice takes precedence. That's pretty much what I do with my FSX sounds (I need to keep the neighbours happy too !) I have Voice set at 100% and everything else at 25%. BTW the ATC option/selection is completely separate from the sound inputs/outputs, so you could just use the panel for that and feed your sounds elsewhere if you want.
  8. Good review here: http://www.mutleyshangar.com/reviews/jack/gfatc/gfatc.htm
  9. I have one of these, although I don't use it much now (I switched to voice with MCE and the Saitek radio panel). But it works quite well, and the way you describe it is more or less correct. You use the rotary knob to select the ATC option you want, and then press the knob to activate it. The headphone socket doesn't exactly separate out the ATC sounds, but it goes some of the way by filtering out most of the bass frequencies, which makes the ATC voices clearer. I don't recall there being a mic socket - I certainly never used it. I'm guessing it just allows you to plug in your headset mike and feeds it straight through to the PC. There is no in-built voice control. Hope that helps ! DB
  10. DickB


    Unfortunately I have a couple problems looking at your video - (a) my German is not very good and (b) I don't fly IFR ! Maybe a German speaking IFR flyer could take a look and comment on what is supposed to happen. Did you try the tests I suggested above ?
  11. DickB


    So to be clear - if you request ground IFR clearance from some gates at each of these airports it works, but if you make the same request from the same aircraft at other gates at the same airports it doesn't ? If so, some, questions: - if you use a FSX default aircraft rather than the addon aircraft, do you get the same result at the same gates ? - if you request VFR clearance (instead of IFR) at the failing gates, does that work ?
  12. Those are indeed nice maps. Better than I've seen in many an academic book on the subject. Although I think Gibson and co's original arrival track to the Mohne was more from the north, and to the east of the dam. But that's a nit. At the Eder, Ray Grayston (flight engineer with Les Knight, who broke the dam) said the technique they used was to idle the throttles and glide into the valley, and then at 60 ft open up the throttles to full for the (very short) run to the dam. I have to say I've tried that in simulation, and can't get the speed (I use 240 mph rather than 220) in time for the wall. You don't show a map for the Sorpe (the earth dam), where of course the attack was along the length of the dam, with no bounce or spinning. I'll look out for the files - thanks !
  13. Hi Paul (Gypsy Baron) - please add me to the list for the dams flak. I did modify your stuff to provide some activity around the Mohne Dam, but I never really finished it and I'm sure you did it better ! Strictly speaking, the Mohne was the only dam that was protected. Though of course there are/were well documented hotspots along their route. PS I do hope you don't fly the dams raid in B-17s :smile: DB
  14. It is there. Look in the SOH Warbirds Library under FS Addons Library/FSX Addons/FSX Effects. I clicked on the Download Link and it seems to be active. The following direct link may work: http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/local_links.php?catid=118 You may need to be registered at SOH to see the library and/or download
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