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  1. SP1 Released

    Ok... let's see if I can get this right and make sense. Before Takeoff: I press the ALT, HDG and VS buttons, in that order. I then set my desired cruise altitude and initial vertical speed. I set my heading bug once I am lined up on the runway. After Takeoff: When I have stabilized my climb near my desired initial VS, I activate Auto Pilot. Having programmed a flight plan in the FMS, once ATC has sent me on course, I then press NAV (flight plan already loaded in FMS). During climb, I adjust the vertical speed as needed to keep my desired speed. When I reach my preset altitude, the plane levels off and holds there and NAV mode holds me on course programmed into FMS. Descent: After ATC has cleared me to descend, I set the assigned altitude and then the VS to desired descent rate. When ATC gives me the first vector to set up for approach, I first press the heading Sync button, then the HDG button, then I change the heading bug to desired heading. After I am in HDG mode, I press the NAV/BRG button and use the scroll wheel below that button to select VOR1, then press the NAV/BRG button again to select it. Then I set NAV1 to the ILS frequency for the given runway. Approach: I continue to use HDG mode and adjust altitude as required from ATC. When ATC has given me vector for final approach, I wait until the localizer begins to move while also making sure that the glideslope indicator is present on the display. I've learned from using other Carenado products, that it is important to wait until the localizer begins moving toward the center and that the glideslope indicator is on screen (it usually doesn't show up until you are within 20nm of runway). Once these conditions are met, I then activate APPR mode and from there, it's all about adjusting flaps and speed to touchdown, disengaging autopilot 300-700 feet AGL. Hopefully I've described this so it is understandable and I hope I haven't missed anything since I'm writing this without actually flying at the moment. If this can help anyone else on this forum find some success with the Hawker, that would be great.
  2. SP1 Released

    citationjet... Right... pic too small. Since up the update to 1.1, I was having a problem with an ILS approach as well and pretty much fly the same way you do... UNTIL, I figured out the right settings and the right sequence for those settings. My last three flights have had a perfect ILS approach using the same method you do (MS ATC, vector to approach heading, using HDG mode up to that point). On another note, I have also figured out how to get everything else in the autopilot to work to my satisfaction, including leveling off at my preset altitude. The only issue with that is having to climb using VS instead of FLC, but I can live with that for now. Are things perfect? Nope... but I can fly the plane pretty much the way I want and it really is a pleasure to fly it... one of my favorites to date.