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  1. I don't know where I'll end up down the road of life, but I know that the times that I have had, and the times I will experience soon will change my life in some way, shape, or form. I know I'm blessed with some of the most amazing souls to grace this harsh planet of ours. Here's to life, enjoy it one day at a time with the people you love.

  2. And that my friends, is October baseball for ya. I don't think it'll be this amazing again for a while.

  3. If that isn't October baseball, I don't what is.

  4. Do i know whats around the corner when it comes to life? Do you know? Does anyone know? Of course not. Thats what life is all about. You take things as they come to you, or brought to you. Live and love life here and now. Let the mind wander when needed to refresh and renew thoughts. Keep the group of people you love the most very close when they can be needed in an instant for advice and guidance. In the end however, whatever happens, you can only control so much in terms of living life. You...

  5. The past few weeks... simple, yet, amazing times and happiness have been going on in my life. I dont think its done yet. T-minus 90 days till the next chapter of my life begins.

  6. To the masses whove updated to iOS5, my imessage ID is nicksair@gmail.com if you care to add.

  7. One of the most epic trips i have done this year has come to a quiet closure. I dont think i will be forgetting this past week for a while.. Peace and love.

  8. For my Delta friends. Not a bad place at all.

  9. The news feed has returned to its old thing once again. It appears to be a staggered roll-out. Look for it soon.

  10. Thanks Delta for having low-mileage awards 5 days out from departure date to the destinations i need to go to!

  11. A stellar weekend up here in the bay will end tomorrow. To be perfectly honest, i really don't feel like traveling anywhere else but here for the rest of the year. More and more it becomes home. And each time i come up, really good things happen that just puts a smile on my face and make me laugh out loud straight from my heart and soul. Even with all of its blemishes lately, commuting up and down the state makes me proud to be a Californian, we a class of people all our own.

  12. SKW4712 and SKW4597...

  13. Was able to get the new FB profile page... i'm actually impressed with it. Just not the new newsfeed.. go back to the original...

  14. Finally... the commute to the Bay will happen tomorrow. SKW4712 to LAX, 4hr layover, followed by SKW4597 to SFO. After that... what i do up there will just be an open book, anything and everything could happen during a usual visit for me up there. All i care is, i'm just going to my second home and seeing the wonderful people in my life that live up there. :-)

  15. I am often reminded of how precious life for all of us is. Of course to some perhaps its not the case. But i look at it this way, if you cant live life to its fullest, then, what is life for you exactly? Always take the time to tell your friends, your parents, how much you love and cherish them. Because you never know when you might not be able to say such kind, wonderful things to them. Also, just be blessed and thankful with what has been given to you by whoever is above us all.

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