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  1. Hello, When I start FS2Crew for DashQ8-400 the message appears to update my program to version 3.3. But when I go to my shop and download the program it still is version 3.1 on my configmanager. Any idea how to get this right? Frans van Zantbeek
  2. Hello Steve, Thanks for your quick respons to my request. I have found the problem. It was W10 that has activated: " Insider". I disabled that feature and reinstalled W10 and now it is running again perfect. My VAS usage with all my addons airplanes(PMDG, Qualitywings 787, CRJ700/900 Airbus and Dashq8/400 and ORBX and GSX, AS2016 and REX tectures is now 1997 MB with all sliders to max. Only I am looking for a proper A1 traffic program that will work proper with the Weather. Thanks again and have a nice weekend Frans van Zantbeek
  3. I will do again a full clean of all steam and fsx related folders files from my PC run then again a cleaner and try again to set it up today. Then run the sim after any add-onn I install to see when it start to happen. Thanks for your input Frans
  4. Hi Steve, Yes only when running the sim.
  5. Jiim, You can only play when you are logged in to Steam. Otherwise FSX will not start when not logged in.
  6. FSX-SE has no DLC button. So is not available. And yes I have a new SSD disk for steam only.
  7. Hello, I have anew PC Icore i7 7700 CPU @360GHz RAM 8 GB W10 Home 64 bit NVDIA 750Ti 8GB I have reinstalled FSX-SE 4 times with a fully new install. All left overs where removed. On a new HD installed. The same airplanes as before on my old sytem also W10 but other motherboard and a i3 intel card. Now I have regulary (once a day and sometimes with starting FSX the message : Cannot create childwindow. I try to search and google but no result. When during flight i open the menubar the message comes again and flightsim close itself. Anyone can help me as on steam they asked me to update my drivers but they are and furter no comment. Waiting any help from this community to help me proper flying again. Addons I use are PMDG, Aerosoft Airbus and CRJ700/900, Qualitywings 787, Dash8-400/ FSC9 as nav tool, AS2016 and GSX. Frans van Zantbeek
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