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  1. Ryan, Thank you for that detailed explanation!! I have just completed reproducing the flight I had this issue with in FSX, with the 737-800wl model in FS9, and received the very same alert. For crying out loud, I was sure something 'cooky' was amiss. Now I understand why as per Ryan's detailed explanation. You guys at PMDG really do take this seriously, don't you ??? Even minute details like these are covered in your products. Why, I believe that if I master this 'bird' I would be able to complete ground school and level-d type training with ease Yeah right, wishful thinking !!! Nevertheless, it is comforting to know that there is an abundance of "real" details in this aircraft. Thanks again Ryan !!! GodfreyG
  2. I have had the same issue and have dilligently searched for answers in the manuals, but to no avail. As JasonG said above, in the final analysis, it does not cause a problem as the aircraft still decends and meets the limits stipilated. But, I would like to know once and for all, what causes this 'alert' to show up ? Is it some error I am making in the plan with regards to fuel, weight ....., or is this a quirk unique to the 737NGX ? I never experienced this with the PMDG 737NG in FS9.... As a matter of fact, I am going to replicate the exact same flight I last did in FSX when I received that alert, in FS9 right now ! I don't know why I didn't think of doing that before.....It maybe something to do with the navdat info we receive from Navigraph, possibly some changes in the way they process said info to make it available to us. GodfreyG
  3. Hey Mick, I agree with you that it's pretty expensive to re-invest in instruments and equipment if you have already sold them but,..."At 70 years old it isa bit late,.... :( ???" Come on man, if you can fly a 'Jumbo Jet' on a PC based simulator, you CAN play your bass again, especially with the 'chops' you had to have acquired, playing Jazz bass, of all. !!! Don't let age be a hindrance my friend. :( I have not flown the 747 in a little while, and I can't recall ever having those issues you have mentioned, though I think I read somewhere about the 'false engine fire' and smoke glitch. As soon as I am able to, I will fire up the Ol' Queen and take 'her' on a trip to see if I run into any of those issues you encountered. I will let you know how it goes.Regards,GodfreyG B)
  4. You are welcomed Dave, glad to be of some assistance. :( Cheers,GodfreyG :(
  5. You're welcomed Mick, I'm glad it worked for you :( ! Are you a bass player ? I wondered because of your quote name, and the fact that I play bass also.Cheers,GodfreyG :(
  6. Hi Mick,If I am not mistaken, you could pause the sim when you are ready to save, go to the PMDG menu option and save the current panel state, save your flight in the FSX menu with a unique name that you will remember and then exit flightsim.When you are ready to resume your flight, load the saved flight from the FS menu,( it will load paused), then go to the PMDG menu and load your last saved panel state, and you should be pretty well set. When saving your flight the normal way in FS when using a PMDG aircraft like the 747, there should also be a corresponding panel state save made automatically I believe, but it does not seem to always function correctly. That is why I suggested saving the current panel state manually at the same time. With the beautiful complexity of PMDG's sims, they included this function which truly helps on the 'long-haul' flights. Give it a try and let me know how it works out for you :( .Cheers,GodfreyG :(
  7. Hello Dave,Go over to Flightsim.com and look for this zip file:-pm747tut.zip. Regards,GodfreyG :(
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