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  1. Just finished and uploaded to avsim. Should be available soon: Have fun!
  2. Just a quick update for the Thai -900 WL; I've just finished the whole fuselage, making the tail and lower fuse align is just a pain in the hole. After that, just night textures, the tail, wings and presto!
  3. Alright all, I've been working on a Thai Airways repaint, and I've just finished the front third. For those interested, I've posted two simple previews (excuse the bad quality, I've accidentally turned my AA of) Ps I feel a bit stupid posting such a simple repaint next to Marcelo's intricate work of art
  4. All right, I'll get started. I expect I'll be done by next weekend
  5. Allrighty then. Winglets? Any specific registration/other wishes? If not, I'll get to business.
  6. For the Dutch football enthusiasts around here, I've been working on a completely fictional Feyenoord biz jet.Completely useless for those who don't keep track of Dutch football, but pretty cool (hopefully), for those who do.
  7. http://www.flightsim.com/kdl.php?fid=159062Here you goI know the filename says easyjet, but it's really Frontier airlines on the 737-800
  8. Allright folks, first of all:HAPPY NEWYEAR!!Now to business:BMI 737-800 avaiable at avsim-http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=164675
  9. I've bene worling on a fictional BMI repaint, I'm finishing it off now. Should be on avsim shortly:
  10. Here goes:http://library.avsim...php?DLID=163589Iberia 737-700, EC-EHX, no winglets, nice and dirtyHave fun!
  11. I thought heck, I'll do it right away:Just uploaded it to avsim, I'll post the link when its available
  12. I'm going to be honest and say I still have to do the vc reg number and night textures, been very busy with school( yup, I'm a 14 year old teen).This weekend at the latest I'll finish her up and upload the whole shebang
  13. Offtopic, but Chris, yor avatars/profile pics never fail to freak me out...
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