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  1. Northern Ireland is pretty starved of scenery in the virtual world :( The best freeware I think you can find from memory is a few AFCADS, the IFSD group made the H&W Cranes, which is a nice addition when flying into EGAC, but for EGAC itself there's pretty much nothing. Ages ago there was a payware scenery for it, but it wasn't of particulary high quality, gate numbers were the wrong way round and the textures were a bit simple, you can't find it anymore as the company vanished. UK2000 have not yet released a Belfast Free from what I can see, but the full version really is superb, especially with AES :(
  2. Hi,I currently run FS9 on the following:AMD Athlon 3500+ (2.2GHz)Nvidia 8600GT 256MB1.5GB RAMOne 160GB HDD with the OS (Win XP Home)One 320GB HDD where FS is installed with a few other gamesAt the moment I have FS9 running smoothly with around 20fps, with quite a few addons, but am looking to put something together and be able to run FSX at mediumish settings with addons, alongside FS9. Problem is a pretty tight budget, (below
  3. Any chance some kind soul could repaint the Project Airbus A320 in the BMI Star Alliance scheme, as on G-MIDX?
  4. Hi all, I've been working on something in GMAX, but have come across an issue when trying to sort out UVW mapping. When I get all the sides set out on the map, they're far too long to fit onto the square, and if I scale them down they're too small to be able to texture with any accuracy. Should I split this section up into several rectangles? Sorry if I'm not very clear, I'm pretty noobish at this.
  5. Hi all, at a bit of a loss with this one. Whenever I've tried to start a flight, on some occasions(it only seems to happen with certain aircraft), the viewpoint suddenley looks upwards and gets stuck there, while the aircraft sharply banks to the left. I'm unable to remedy this without restarting the sim. I'm using the Saitek Yoke and Throttle, I've heard of a button press problem with earlier versions of this, but I've been using mine for nearly 6 months without an issues, and it's only happening on certain aircraft. Any ideas?
  6. Hi all, is anyone able to repaint the PMDG 747 in the British Airways OneWorld scheme, as on G-CIVP?Any help appreciated! :(
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