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  1. awesome. Maybe they could have a look at the fuel flow of the A320 because its Just way to high
  2. Hey Guys, after I couldn't find help in the EzDok Forum (Not even an answer for days) I try to find help here. EzDok stopped working for me days ago without a change to the simulator. "Simconnect did not respond withing 2 Minutes" is all I get atm. But even waiting for a hour I can't get it to work anymore. Steps I already took: - Reinstall all Simconnect files - Reinstall Ezdok several times - checked for updates - Checked exe.xml - Checked AV Software - run the EZCA config tool Any Idea how i can solve this? Thx in advance
  3. u mean in P3D itself? I already check that. Its set as axis and that i can't delete
  4. Hey guys, I'm looking for a way to deactivate or remapp the Throttle Axis on the Thrustmaster T16000 Flight stick. I often touch it accidently what changes the thrust settings on the FSLabs for example. Someone know how to do that? Here is a pic for what i'm looking for: https://ibb.co/CPqXy7z
  5. Well, u were correct. There were more updates in the operation center. I thought it will automatically download the latest... Now it's working. Ty very much!
  6. I downloaded the pbr update today and just a short question. Does that look normal to u with the pbr update? I mean it looks like a christmas tree in the middle of the night. No Tomatoshade profile is active btw
  7. So again something cant be correct. I'm still missing effects on every camera. Just not on Captain view. Could it be that there's a problem with ur Software reading Active Sky? I made a Screenshot from what the Metar reads and what it actually is: Furthermore, the show metar actually disappears even if Active Sky is active. As u can see XTm is indeed Active and Active Sky is running... Also when I change settings, for example, Right After Wing View it also changes the setting in Captain view then... So I cant change them individually.
  8. Yes. As described in the Manual for Outside shaking the Artificial Camer Vib. is used but that also doesn't work because even in hard turbulence there is no Bar rising when I open Effect Studio.
  9. Restarting seems did the trick but only for the Captain view. For Wing view or any interior, it doesn't...
  10. Well, I bought it. What I have a problem with is the turbulence effect. Or better say every effect. I tried it on the FSLabs A319 in pretty bad weather. I activated AS 16 on the menu. Everything looks okay. The scale in the turbulence section moves but I don't see any effect. Not on the ground and not in the air. Effects are enabled of course. Also, I imported the core "heavy"... Any Ideas?
  11. Okay but how / where can i contact him?
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