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  1. I'm glad the fix worked out for you. The reason for the renaming the original "uiautomationcore.dll" file (or move it to a sub folder) before you replace it, is so that you keep and retain a copy of the original file, just in case you need it. That's all. Remember, you do not want to replace ANY version of "uiautomationcore.dll" that resides in your Windows/System folder. You're only changing (renaming, moving, etc.) the existing "uiautomationcore.dll" file that may (or may not) reside in the FSX folder, and placing the Vista version of uiautomationcore.dll in your FSX folder, not the Windows/System folder.
  2. Hello Edward, Humm... Well, as I had previously mentioned in my original post, before you try to copy the Vista version (Ver. 6.0.5840.16386 (155kb)) of uiautomationcore.dll, to your Microsoft Flight Simulator X folder, you must either rename it to something else, or move it to another temporary folder so that replacing it directly under the Microsoft Flight Simulator X folder won't cause conflicts. Keep in mind that there may be Windows 7 versions in C:\Windows\System32\ and C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ (if your running Win7-64 Bit). That's OK, as long as the Vista version of uiautomationcore.dll is in the Microsoft Flight Simulator X folder. Remember that fsx.exe will look their first, and if it can't find the dll, it will then look for it in the Windows\System folders. A key point is that you DO NOT want to replace the Windows 7 version of uiautomationcore.dll file(s) that resides in the Windows\System folders, because doing so may cause problems with other programs that might use the Windows 7 version. As for your "no associated program installed" error, that's a good one. My suggestion right now is that if you do what I suggested above, and still get that error, do a screen shot, and post (attach) it here, so I can see exactly what your seeing. A last line of defense is to start up Windows in "Safe Mode", then you should be able to do your file changes. Hope this helps,Bill
  3. If this file is not already in your Windows system folder, the UIAutomationCore.dll file would then be located under the core FSX folder (the same folder that fsx.exe is in). My suggestion is (if it already exists in FSX) to just rename the origional UIAutomationCore.dll file to something like UIAutomationCore.dll.orig, then copy the Vista version in the same folder. Remember, if this dll exists in your Windows system folder, do not delete, copy, or rename the existing UIAutomationCore.dll file.
  4. Update on 1/22. Flew for over 4 hours this evening, with many menu clicks, and no crash's.
  5. I've been searching in vein to find this fix, and seems to work, at least for me, and others who have tried it.For some reason, the core problem lies with the uiautomationcore.dll library in Windows 7. I can't speak for crash's in other OS versions, but from what I've read, its mostly with Win 7 (x64), where Vista and XP work fine.The trick is to use the Vista version of uiautomationcore.dll and place it into the Flight Simulator X folder. Some said that you have to register it, but just dropping it in the main directory where fsx.exe resides seems to work fine. Also, registering it is probably NOT a good idea, because it would then force any program running under Win 7 to use that Vista version, and may cause a crash of its own. You only want fsx.exe to use it exclusively.To my understanding, when an executable file is run, it will first look for any dll's locally in the same folder, then through its sub folders, then if it can't find it, the program will then look at the "system path" for it. In this case, the Vista version of uiautomationcore.dll would be in that local location, load that library, and ignore the Windows 7 version.Note that its very important to NOT delete or replace uiautomationcore.dll in the System folder.FYI, the Windows 7 version number of uiautomationcore.dll is 6.1.7600.16386 (733kb). The Vista version is 6.0.5840.16386 (155kb). Here's a link to the Vista uiautomationcore.dll DLL.Just to be sure I place the Vista verion in the Flight Simulator X folder, but temporary renamed it (*.dllx), and ran fsx until it crashed (almost a certainty). I then changed it back (*.dll), and of the half dozen times I've ran fsx, it hasn't crashed yet (see crossed fingers).Good luck, and hope this works for you.Bill
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