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  1. If anyones up to it, i'd love this one on a 800WL such a cool livery! Jonathan Paul
  2. Anyone willing to do a Air New Zealand black livery on a 800WL? Jonathan Paul
  3. Hi JimThe repaint looks perfect. I didn't have a preference to the registration number as long as it was canadian.Thank you very muchJonathan Paul
  4. Hi Jim.It's not a real airline and I'm not sure if its a VA, I just found these repaints on flightsim.com for the Aerosoft Twin Otter.Do you need more photos of the airplane?ThanksJonathan Paul
  5. Hi Jim.I am wondering if you could add this livery to the J41 if you have the time.Thanks
  6. I like the 800 best because it looks the most proportional.I also like the 200ADV because my local airlines, Canadian North and First Air operate them.
  7. wow that was fast, Thanks!I'll take it for a test drive tomorrow.Jonathan Paul
  8. Hi I was wondering if you could do an Air Tindi repaint similar to the picture shown here.ThanksJonathan Paul
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