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  1. It has been a while since my development days, some may remember me, was good times. So now, a new sim is out, and I am loving it. without going into details, still a few things missing. Back in FSX I made an Autopilot for Helicopters, but i did not pass it out. Now i want to use it again in msfs2020, but not sure i have it in me to re learn all the new stuff. And perhaps introduce it into the sim community in a helicopter build. If you're a developer for msfs2020 and are building a Helicopter, I would like to see this AP implemented into a build. The AP follows VOR with VOR radial tracking, and GPS Lnav. Hoover Grab/Autoland and Auto Takeoff.
  2. To PMDG mostly, but anyone else painting PMDG aircraft..My COO let me know you were on this, so I came over to lend you guys some stuff... AT http://era.gotbush.org/devkit/ you will find the ERA Logo with correct colors and artwork for use with your repaints. Also is the Aspire font used for most text other than the ERA text in logo.I am the creator of this artwork and retain all rights, and give permission for its use for repaints/paints on PMDG aircraft related to ERA Alaska liveries. The artwork is not freeware and is licensed.Ok that taken care of, All i ask is a plug to ERA Alaska (http://www.flyera.com) ERA at FSEconomy (http://era.gotbush.org) , and FSEconomy (http://www.fseconomy.com/)Do not upload or transfer these files to any other system, they must live at era.gotbush.org. Please respect these requests.Enjoy =)
  3. I dont have much money, unless someone wants to pay me the work i have provided here at Avsim for Free. We all have our parts to play. Developers of Freeware products for flightsim provide people like you with cool stuff for your sim. People like tom and others provide a service that makes it all available to you.There is no need to create a fee for this, and does sound wrong. BUT!!! and I emphasis BUT!!!There is a donation system in place, 1 dollar, 10 dollars, whatever you can afford or steal from your little brothers piggy bank helps. 1 dollar from every person that has used avsim would go a very long way to providing a better service.I post my downloads, and try to keep them Avsim exclusive, high traffic is the best way to recieve good support thru donations. I constantly find my stuff at other sites, credit to me removed.. Avsim is johnny on the spot to make sure uploads are property of the uploader.You wont find a better service for FS addons.If you like the stuff you get from Avsim, and want to keep this service around for some time to come, it may be a good idea to support it. Constant complaints about connectivity issues and such only stress the unpaid staff.So without offense I quote some unknown person.... "Put up, or shut up". You get the idea...So put the ffree pie down a moment, and dig into that pocket. click the donate button and send 1 lousy dollar. Then you can feel proud to be a supporter of something so big and so cool.Thanks AvsimGarrett SmithDeveloper
  4. The thanks goes to you guys for keeping this site up. Its nice to have a place to share stuff..OK, so it would be nice to get paid to make things. but until then, If its gonna be free, it may as well do some good. =)
  5. I posted a gauge download "search Garrett Smith" of a Multi function Radar display. I set it to shareware honor system in hopes that any and all of you who like the gauge will donate anything, even 1 dollar, to support the Avsim library.Since I am in the habbit of giving away my work, Im a poor man. So help me with my effort to support Avsim by clicking that donate button if you like the gauge.and if you dont like the gauge, donate 1 dollar to have them send me coal for christmas.Alot of people try, but nobody has been such an asset to the flight sim community as Avsim. Keeping us in addons and updates, and helping us enjoy the sim. Who needs microsoft anyways, as long as we got Avsim and the core of developers making addons.Thanks Avsim! :( Thank you everyone for donating.http://library.avsim.net/search.php?Search...t&Go=Search
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