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  1. Excuse me for this stupid question ... how to cut off the engines ?
  2. Yes, thank you for replay. After that, all the LSK rows and all announcements reappeared without any real reason, everything was just there! My God, the Flight Simulation is a huge science ....
  3. OK, I will! Thank you! It's not the first time! Last time I reintalled the aircraft (updated), than I reinstalled also the FS2Crew, but this time I just updated to v3 + I bought and installed global voices, and again the same problem as the first time! Always after updating!
  4. Yes, I am! There's even no rows in LSK left and LSK right. They dissapearent too, so I have neither possibility to do it manually.
  5. Hello guys! My problem is that after every update of FS2Crew (last update v3 + global FO voices), all the MJC's original announcemments dissapearent from MFD and from all system. They doesn't exist any more! Any solution?
  6. After the last update to vers 2.1 - pilot version - the PA doesn't work! The window doesn't pop-up. Any hint maybe?
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