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  1. Ah...simples.....thanks for putting me out of my misery 👍😁
  2. Hi A quick question to ask for some help after updating my version of P3D I recently succesfully updated my version of P3D to P3D v4.5.13.32097 However, when I checked the version details in Control Panel / Programs & Features / Uninstall or change a program...I notice different version numbers. The Content, Scenery and Academic Client are all updated to v4.5.13.32097 but the Academic still remains as v4.5.12.30293. This would seem to be a simple and easy fix but for the life of me I cannot see the wood for the trees.... Any help would be much appreciated... Thanks in advance Mark
  3. A quick correction - they are now back up on Facebook with new screen shots. No news of a delivery date yet but quality takes time and given there is hardly any good scenery for SA (apart from the new FACT), I can wait 😉
  4. Can anyone shed any light on what has happened to South World Scenery and their Johannesburg scenery development. Their Facebook page is gone and their suggested timeline of Fall / Autumn has been and gone.... Thanks
  5. I agree, thanks for putting Southern Africa in the limelight with your great shots. I am aware that there is a Mega Johannesburg in the works but that seems to have met endless delays (http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/77639-mega-airport-johannesburg-preview/). But fingers crossed and hope lives eternal ;-) To your point Peter, given the variety and volume of long haul (Qantas, Delta, Virgin, BA, Cathay, Lufthansa, Malaysian, Emirates etc. etc.) and domestic traffic serving Southern Africa, Cape Town is at least worthy of a high quality scenery developer realising a significant market opportunity. If NMG can make it work and Aerosoft are dabbling, makes me wonder why no one else has caught on... ;-)
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