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  1. Thank you.
  2. Hello, Under FMC\aircraft\option\performance, there is FPS LIMIT. What is this for? For example, my ND and EFIS are set to 15 by default, when I click them to enlarge, they appear a little blurry. Should I add up the value? Which is the best and recommended value? Thank you. Frank Tien
  3. Thank you all for answering my question.
  4. Hi, In many videos on line, we can see the pilots pushing the throttle forward when taking-off, hand staying on the throttle till V1. Unlike Airbus which has a notch, how far should 737 NGX pilots push forward? Depending on the N1 mark or the auto-throttle system has motor or something which "takes" their hands forward? Thanks. Frank Tien
  5. Thanks, Kyle.
  6. Hi, In FCTM, IAN Requirements and Restrictions says "airplanes must be equipped with FMC U10.5 or later and IAN FMA displays". Is PMDG NGX qualified for this approach? Thanks. Frank
  7. Kyle, thank you.
  8. Hi, I only use onboard motherboard/cpu video card with 8GB RAM, Win7-64bit, FSX steam and runs PMDG 737 NGX very well. Noticing that 777 has the description "Onboard motherboard or CPU video is not supported", just would like to know what will happen if I install the 777 with my current hardware? My system meets all the minimum requirements except the video card. Would like to fly it so much... Thanks. Frank Tien
  9. Hi, After another trying, it's NADP issue. Since I want to set flaps up speed, I should choose NADP 2. It works now. Thanks for your help.
  10. I have selected Take-off Flap 5 in FMC. Maybe I ordered flaps-up speed too soon because I selected NADP 1 and was just at around 1500ft? (In the tutorial reads "NADP 1: .... At 3000 feet AGL: *Accelerate to Flaps Up Speed/ *Retract Flaps/Slats on Schedule") Is this the possible reason?
  11. Yes, it shows flaps 1. But the picture was really captured AFTER commanding "set flaps up speed", with flaps 5. My question is, why did my co-pilot set speed to 169 after commanding "set flaps up speed"? To my understanding, after ordering flaps up speed, we will lower the nose and the speed will increase, then triggers flaps 1--what you see in this snap.
  12. Hi, After ordering set flaps up speed, my co-pilot doesn't set the proper speed. As you can see in the picture. What's going wrong? Thanks. -------------------------------------------------------- FS2crew 2.2 with NADP1, Ifly 3.2, FS9.1, Win7
  13. Below is the way I found the update file, the associated link (purple) seems to be wrong. Through your picture, now I know that people should go "download--service updates" to get those files. Thank you very much.
  14. I use Firefox, too. Downloading liveries from PMDG is OK. Tried IE9, the same result. :(
  15. These are what I saw: B1900C: B1900D: