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  1. fast way to set MINS

    Many thanks for everyone's help.
  2. fast way to set MINS

    Hello, Is there a fast way to set MINS to above 1000? Take the tutorial 2, p.111 for example, setting it to 3700 takes a long time. Maybe I missed something out? Thank you. Frank Tien
  3. Hello, I use Dual Core computer and FSX, should I set Affinity Mask in my FSX.cfg? Thank you.
  4. Hello, Will CP change or delete the default hotkey in FSX in view section? For example, S,A, Ctrl+enter, Ctrl+backspace? Frank Thanks.
  5. 2-D panel disappear? comes to my mind that actually we do NOT have 2D panel, do we? That says, press F10 should get no panel at all. Am I right? Just one click on the PFD and it will go away.
  6. 2-D panel disappear?

    Hi, After uninstalling EZCA, the 2-d panel of my 773 seemed to disappear. If I press A many times in virtual cockpit or press F10, I only got a PFD. Is that normal? If not, how do I retrieve my original panel? Thank you. Frank Tien just PFD?
  7. checklist zoom in?

    Thank you all for your reply. There's indeed a click spot, but not easy to find.
  8. checklist zoom in?

    Hi, Can we zoom in the checklist page just like ENG or FLCT pages with mouse click? Thank you.
  9. landing lights (nose)

    Thank you, Zeljko.
  10. landing lights (nose)

    Hello, In tutorial 1 mentioned turning landing lights by middle/wheel clicking, that means turning all the switches,left+nose+right. My question is, after lifting off, should we turn off the nose (middle of the 3 switches) light? (Because the gear is already retracted) Thanks.
  11. flight plan appear in ASN?

    Kyle, thanks.
  12. flight plan appear in ASN?

    Stephen, Thank you for giving me the hint. I changed common data export path in ASN now I can see my FMC route automatically going to ASN. Thank you.
  13. flight plan appear in ASN?

    BTW, I don't have XXXXYYYY.wx in the [FSX]\PMDG\WX folder. Is there something I missed?
  14. flight plan appear in ASN?

    Hello, 1. running ASN, set auto load simulator flight plan (checked) ASN setting 2. running FSX and PMDG 777 3. After setting "FSX PLN FILE FOR WX" in simulation section, finishing FMC route and pressing FORCAST request, there came 30000 ft, 20000 ft and 10000 ft wind data. And I can see wx.pln in the directory which my FSX usually store it's flights. wx.pln ASN flight plan My question is, should I expect to see the plan (wx.pln) AUTOMATICALLY appearing in ASN's flight plan column? (I could manually loan it.) Thank you. Frank Tien ----------- pmdg 1.10.8448 asn 1.0.6255.21938 ------------
  15. Eye Position Indicator

    Thank you guys for your feedback.