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  1. Thank you, Zeljko.
  2. Hello, In tutorial 1 mentioned turning landing lights by middle/wheel clicking, that means turning all the switches,left+nose+right. My question is, after lifting off, should we turn off the nose (middle of the 3 switches) light? (Because the gear is already retracted) Thanks.
  3. Kyle, thanks.
  4. Stephen, Thank you for giving me the hint. I changed common data export path in ASN now I can see my FMC route automatically going to ASN. Thank you.
  5. BTW, I don't have XXXXYYYY.wx in the [FSX]\PMDG\WX folder. Is there something I missed?
  6. Hello, 1. running ASN, set auto load simulator flight plan (checked) ASN setting 2. running FSX and PMDG 777 3. After setting "FSX PLN FILE FOR WX" in simulation section, finishing FMC route and pressing FORCAST request, there came 30000 ft, 20000 ft and 10000 ft wind data. And I can see wx.pln in the directory which my FSX usually store it's flights. wx.pln ASN flight plan My question is, should I expect to see the plan (wx.pln) AUTOMATICALLY appearing in ASN's flight plan column? (I could manually loan it.) Thank you. Frank Tien ----------- pmdg 1.10.8448 asn 1.0.6255.21938 ------------
  7. Thank you guys for your feedback.
  8. Ahsmatt7, IMHO, both warriorpilot's post and my reply are jokes.
  9. Hi warriorpilot, The photo you posted is Airbus and it does have eye position indicator.
  10. Hello, Does the 738 NG have Eye Position Indicator? How do we know we are sitting in the correct position? Thanks. Frank Tien
  11. Thank you.
  12. Hello, Under FMC\aircraft\option\performance, there is FPS LIMIT. What is this for? For example, my ND and EFIS are set to 15 by default, when I click them to enlarge, they appear a little blurry. Should I add up the value? Which is the best and recommended value? Thank you. Frank Tien
  13. Thank you all for answering my question.
  14. Hi, In many videos on line, we can see the pilots pushing the throttle forward when taking-off, hand staying on the throttle till V1. Unlike Airbus which has a notch, how far should 737 NGX pilots push forward? Depending on the N1 mark or the auto-throttle system has motor or something which "takes" their hands forward? Thanks. Frank Tien
  15. Thanks, Kyle.