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  1. Hi again, R. Further to my remarks about the HP file and its involvement in failures of very long flights, I thought I should mention that (from memory) my failures usually occurred on flights of 9 hours or more, e.g. Hong Kong to London, New York to Tokyo, Vancouver to Sydney. So your failures after 6 hours or so might not be caused by background HP services. Perhaps, given Jim's advice, it's a combination of graphic memory depletion along with an intrusive process such as the HPCMPMGR.EXE which mucked me around. But your system and GT740 card don't sound too bad, so it might still be worth doing the elimination tests I mentioned, if no other explanation pops up in the mean time. Of course, if you have to do a 6hr + test flight each time, it might take a week or more to get an orderly set of results. If you do try this elimination routine, I suggest that you write down the services & processes disabled initially, and again each time you re-enable a bunch of processes, so you can analyse the results logically. If I haven't described the elimination process adequately, let me know. Another thought: is there any chance that temperature of the system or graphics card could increase slowly over the time of a long flight? If you live somewhere like Phoenix or Miami, rather than Anchorage or Reykjavic, perhaps the system's thermal performance might be checked. Anyway, enough. Good luck with your investigations, R.! Ian, Oz.
  2. Hi, Likeag6. Your post reminded me of a similar problem I faced two or three years ago, and which I eventually resolved. Apart from my own investigations, Jim Young (who has just responded to your post) was very helpful, and there were good contributions from Matt450 and JayBirdski as well. In my case, the cause was traced to a particular HP (Hewlett-Packard) printer file, HPCMPMGR.EXE. If this was running in the background during a very long flight, FS would eventually crash without warning or explanation. Now, your system is quite different from mine, which was already old in 2013 and is now quite ancient - and you may well not have any HP gear installed. BUT - perhaps you could try to adapt the procedure I used at the time to isolate my problem. In essence, I set up GameBooster to run flights with ALL of its recommended process and service shut-downs in place. In other words, I was disabling background PC functions which GameBooster then thought were unnecessary for FS to run. Then I tried a very long flight. If the flight failed, I knew that (probably) none of the disabled processes was causing the error. If it did NOT fail, I then disabled only HALF of the processes and services in question. If the next long flight failed, it suggested that one (or more, perhaps) of the re-enabled items could be the culprit. You could probably do much the same using Alacrity PC, which I believe is a well-regarded FS tool. I guess you get the idea. My approach was to try to find the culprit with a relatively low test flight count. Of course, you could try disabling services etc. one by one, but wow, that could take a lot of long flights! This approach might not be suitable for you, but if you'd like to look back in the Avsim forums for the thread I started, it's still there in the Crash To Desktop forum. Search for 'Very Long Flights Fail', started by Imac ,April 30th 2013. Possibly something in my investigation, or in the detailed advice offered by Jim, and also remarks by Matt450 and JayBirdski, might be food for thought. I do hope you can sort this out,It's great to know Jim Young and others are still there to help. Good luck! Ian (Imac)
  3. Hi Gerard and also Bart S. - Thanks very much for your kind assistance with the Belgium scenery downloads. I will get them soon, once I make some more space on my computer. Best wishes from Australia to you both. Ian M.
  4. Hi G Salden - I only just saw the message advising of your kind offer of Belgian scenery. I don't know how I missed it before, but as it was just a short time ago (August 7th) at the top of the Topics list, I tried the links - unfortunately (as your post suggests) they have expired. Is there any other way to download the Belgium scenery? Years ago I had a short holiday in Belgium and would like to tour the countryside and cities again - this time, from the air! Thanks for making your offer. I just wish I'd seen it before the 25th May. Ah well, cheerio anyway. Regards from Ian, in Australia.
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